Robert Wood Johnson Transplant Center Chooses ChartFill to Enhance Continuity of Care Processes, Improve Referral Timeliness, for Patients and Clinicians Alike

ChartFill, provider of medical records retrieval services, today announced that the Transplant Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RBJUH) is utilizing ChartFill’s Access solution for the compilation of relevant patient information in support of referrals.

Based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Center at RWJUH performed its first transplant in 1999, and now, on its 18th anniversary, is proud to be recognized among the top 30 kidney transplant centers in the nation with the best outcomes. Along with colleagues around the nation, the RWJUH transplant team of over 40 multi-disciplinary professionals helped save more than 33,000 lives last year. 

In order to maintain an effective operation capable of helping as many patients in need as possible, transplant teams like the group at RWJUH find themselves under tremendous pressure to ensure wise resource utilization. The RWJUH transplant team has always believed that being armed with relevant medical information as close to new patient referrals as possible allows for timely decision making; when it came time to evaluate medical records retrieval processes, the group, under the administrative leadership of Rachel Thomas, elected to evaluate ChartFill, a new player on the health technology landscape. 

ChartFill was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Michael Margiotta. With a passion for applying innovation to pervasive industry challenges, Margiotta leveraged his decades of experience in the medical records and data areas to create a next-generation solution and service offering that goes well beyond that of standard records retrieval.

According to Thomas, administrative director for transplant services at RBJUH, “Having had experience with services claiming to help with electronic medical record retrieval, we knew that even with such a service in place, our coordinators would still have to scroll through countless pages of information looking for the salient points that are relevant and usable in support of a patient referral.  So when our team initiated a new review of offerings to support records retrieval needs, our requirements bar was set fairly high:  no extraneous information, and only electronic, indexed and fully searchable results.

The requirements of the RWJUH team meshed nicely with ChartFill’s approach to medical records retrieval. ChartFill ensures that all requested information is electronically retrieved, reviewed for quality, intelligently indexed, and securely delivered – ensuring a productive patient visit and timely care.

“One of the most exciting things to me about a new company is the ability to be nimble in design and execution.  We have heard the market speak about what works and doesn’t work with medical records retrieval and in ChartFill we have built a service that addresses the needs of busy medical centers and also delivers functionality for measuring patient appropriateness and matching to criteria, differentiating us in clinically significant ways,” said Mike Namorato, ChartFill president.  “We have enjoyed engaging with the RWJUH transplant team and of course are eager to collaborate with many more centers facing some of the same challenges Rachel and her group did prior to deploying ChartFill.”

“Like many other hospitals, enhancing our patients’ experience is essential to our mission; we know that patients are impressed when the provider and professional care staff treat them as unique individuals. ChartFill helps arm our team with relevant background and history before ever even seeing a patient which leads to more patient face time and better satisfaction for all involved,” added Thomas.

About ChartFill

Launched in 2016 by serial health technology entrepreneur Michael Margiotta, ChartFill bridges many of the gaps for busy medical centers interested in intelligent medical records retrieval and aggregation. ChartFill’s delivery of digitally digestible clinical data expedites and informs the referral process, saves clinicians valuable time, and reduces the cost associated with canceled appointments and diagnostic test redundancies.  Learn more about ChartFill at

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About ChartFill

ChartFill bridges many of the gaps for busy medical centers interested in intelligent medical records retrieval and aggregation. ChartFill's delivery of digitally digestible clinical data expedites and informs the referral process.

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