ChartFill Enhances Continuity of Care Processes to Improve Clinical Decision Making and Overall Referral Effectiveness via Intelligent Medical Records Retrieval

ChartFill today announced general availability of its Access solution for intelligent medical records retrieval. Access was built on next-generation software stacks and with market input suggesting that in order to be maximally effective, medical records retrieval needs to be more than timely and instead focus on specificity and searchability of patient information.

ChartFill was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Michael Margiotta. With a passion for applying innovation to pervasive industry challenges, Margiotta leveraged his decades of experience in the medical records and data arenas to create a combined software solution and service offering that goes well beyond that of standard records retrieval.

In addition to Access for the compilation of relevant patient information in support of referrals, ChartFill also offers additional modules: View, offering real-time visibility into retrieved patient data for timely decision making, while the Identify component utilizes sophisticated analytics for patient matching to hierarchical criteria including appropriateness for transplant or a recruiting clinical trial.

Though ChartFill is relatively new to the health technology landscape, the company has made impressive progress in the past several months since its founding. Beyond signing and deploying its first customer, a prestigious academic transplant program in the northeastern US, the company also assembled an advisory board of well-known clinicians, administrators and researchers from facilities that include George Washington University Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Florida and Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

“One of the most exciting things to me about a new company is the ability to be nimble in design and execution. We have heard the market speak about what works and doesn’t work with medical records retrieval, and in ChartFill we have built a service that addresses the needs of busy medical centers and also delivers functionality for measuring patient appropriateness and matching to criteria, differentiating us in clinically significant ways,” said Mike Namorato, ChartFill president.  

The dedicated customer success team at ChartFill ensures that all records requests are electronically retrieved, reviewed for quality, intelligently indexed, and securely delivered — ensuring a productive patient visit and timely care. Results for medical center customers additionally include less lost revenue from visit cancellations stemming from lack of patient data and lower cost per case that can result from duplicative diagnostic imaging when test results are missing. This last point is also vital for patient safety since having access to diagnostic reports reduces unnecessary exposure to radiation and invasive procedures.

“As the industry continues its evolution to value-based care, smart resource utilization has never been more critical to the bottom line of hospitals and high-cost clinical areas such as transplant. The reaction to ChartFill’s approach to what we do has been wildly positive given our desire to help busy medical centers operate efficiently and in turn translate time and cost savings to more dedicated patient face time” added Namorato.

About ChartFill

Launched in 2016 by serial health technology entrepreneur Michael Margiotta, ChartFill bridges many of the gaps for busy medical centers interested in intelligent medical records retrieval and aggregation. ChartFill’s delivery of digitally digestible clinical data expedites and informs the referral process, saves clinicians valuable time, and reduces costs associated with canceled appointments and diagnostic test redundancies. Learn more about ChartFill at

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Source: ChartFill

About ChartFill

ChartFill bridges many of the gaps for busy medical centers interested in intelligent medical records retrieval and aggregation. ChartFill's delivery of digitally digestible clinical data expedites and informs the referral process.

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