ROAR for Good Announces Partnership With Comcast and Campus Philly to Provide Wearable Personal Safety Technology to Students on College Campuses

ROAR for Good announced today a partnership with Comcast and Campus Philly to provide five Philadelphia college campuses with Athena, a life-saving personal safety device and the ROAR personal safety app, available for iOS and Android. The first universities participating in this special program include the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, La Salle University, Swarthmore College and the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

The sad reality is that instances of sexual assault and violent crimes against young adults, primarily women, are on the rise. In the US, 25 percent of female college students will fall victim to some form of sexual assault before graduation. An additional 37 percent of women say they do not like walking home late at night, and 65 percent of women say they have experienced street harassment, more regularly known as ‘cat-calling’.  To help address this, social entrepreneurs and ROAR for Good co-founders, Yasmine Mustafa and Anthony Gold, have worked tirelessly to develop Athena, ROAR’s first wearable technology.

ROAR for Good is a company with a powerful social mission to make sexual assault and violence a thing of the past. The goal of this partnership is to empower students and to spread awareness of campus safety.

"We don’t want to just put a band-aid on the problem," says ROAR co-founder & COO Anthony Gold. “Getting to the root cause of violence requires greater levels of awareness, education, and peer modeling. This partnership represents a big step toward fulfilling our mutual passion of reducing assaults and transforming society.”

Deborah Diamond, President of Campus Philly notes, "Campus Philly’s mission is to have students fall in love with Philadelphia and stay here after they graduate. ROAR's Athena safety device can help our students feel a greater sense of freedom and comfort while off-campus and exploring the city and region - all of which are critical to making our mission a reality."

"We are proud to help put Philadelphia-based ROAR's Athena devices into the hands of selected university students on college campuses this fall as part of this pilot with Campus Philly," said Danielle Cohn, Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Engagement at Comcast. “This partnership aims to give ROAR user insights to continue their important mission of providing peace-of-mind at the touch of a button.”

The Athena device can be worn anywhere the user feels would make it most accessible during an attack, and is now available publicly for purchase. As a social-mission certified B-Corp, for each device purchased, ROAR invests a percentage of proceeds in organizations teaching youth about empathy, respect, and healthy relationships - programs shown to reduce violence in adulthood.

"The underlying cause of violence, harassment, and attacks against women is a lack of empathy. If you teach kids, especially boys, about consent, respect, and healthy relationships, there's a direct correlation with decreasing assaults against women," says ROAR CEO, Yasmine Mustafa.

About ROAR for Good

ROAR for Good was founded by Yasmine Mustafa and Anthony Gold as a social-mission certified B-Corp dedicated to empowering women, reducing assaults, and transforming society. They developed their Athena line of fashionable wearable technology to deter attacks and instantly call for help. You can read more about ROAR and purchase Athena at


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