Empowering Women: Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign for Reducing Assaults

Philadelphia women's tech company ROAR for Good is launching their first line of self-defense jewelry on October 20th. The device is called Athena, and it's a fashionable, accessible, wearable tool that helps women fight assault and will be available for pre-order from Indiegogo.

​Social-mission certified B-Corp ROAR for Good is launching their flagship product Athena on Indiegogo on October 20, 2015. ROAR’s line of smart, fashionable jewelry is designed to help protect women in dangerous situations.

Co-founders Yasmine Mustafa and Anthony Gold, both serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in hardware and software, possess a passion for empowering women. Joining forces they developed ROAR’s first device that can help deter attacks, instantly call for help, and cannot be used against the wearer.

We call them women's issues, but they aren't. They're societal issues, and we need to do something about them as a society.

Anthony Gold, Co-Founder ROAR for Good

“One in five women in the United States have experienced rape or attempted rape, and one in four college females will be sexually assaulted. The stats are horrific, and we resolved to do something that could aid prevention and help diminish violence. And the idea for ROAR for Good was born,” states Mustafa.

Athena is a stylish device that can be worn as a necklace, clipped to a bag, attached to a keychain, or any other location that suits your lifestyle. And, as a modular device, the face can be replaced with different designs and colors, making it the ultimate accessory for the everyday woman.

The jewelry has a button that can be pressed whenever the wearer feels threatened. That one action causes the device to emit a loud alarm and send text messages to friends & family with your GPS location. The device was also built to include a silent mode for situations where the person does not want the attacker to know that the device has been triggered (e.g., domestic violence).

Athena’s design embodies ROAR for Good’s mission to empower women worldwide to live their lives boldly and without fear. The device is simple to use and effortlessly stylish, elegantly combining safety and fashion.

As states Mustafa, “Existing self-defense tools are intimidating, aggressive, and combative. Even more disturbing, many women are concerned they might be overpowered and their own self-defense device used as a weapon against them. We wanted to invent something better.”

“Women shouldn’t have to defend themselves in the first place,” Gold says, “So we’ve developed a long-term plan of reducing assaults by partnering with educational organizations that promote a culture of consent and respect.”

For each device purchased, this certified B­-Corp company is taking a percentage of proceeds and investing in nonprofits that teach empathy and healthy relationships to young boys and girls­ – programs which have been shown to decrease violence later in life. They’ve also created a pre-order option that lets you send an Athena device to a woman in need through Women Against Abuse, one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the country.

Athena will sell for $99. It will be available for pre-order through Indiegogo on October 20th for early bird rates starting at $60, with a projected production release in Spring 2016.

ROAR for Good was founded in 2014 by Yasmine Mustafa and Anthony Gold as a social-mission B-Corp dedicated to empowering women, reducing assaults, and transforming society. They developed their Athena line of smart, fashionable jewelry to deter attacks and instantly call for help. You can read more about ROAR at ROARforGood.com.


Anthony Gold, co-founder

ROAR for Good

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