"Rip a Strip Shingle Remover": Removes Old Shingles From Roof Under Repair

​Some jobs are labor intensive and removing the old shingles from a roof in order to redo the renovate the roof with new shingles is precisely fills that comment.  There is now an easier method to do the removal of shingles with ease. The Rip A Strip Shingle Remover is a cordless, battery-powered wheel mounted tool equipped with a push-handle that employs the prying and lifting action of multiple pronged bars or tines to move beneath shingles and rip or strip them away from the underlayment. The design intent is to quickly and easily remove old shingles from a roof, saving roofing contractors, workers and Do-It-Yourself participants both time and labor preparing a roof for re-shingling.
Rip A Strip Shingle Removed is powered by a rechargeable 12- or 24-volt battery and resembles a hand-truck or dolly with a tubular inverted-U shaped handle mounted above a pair of solid-tired axle-mounted wheels. Forward of the wheels and mounted between the lower tubes of the handle is an aluminum-alloy frame which terminate at the lower front end in a pair of smaller wheels or rollers. The chassis supports the electric (or pneumatic) motor and camshaft oriented horizontally and its driveshaft extends thorough the side of the frame to turn a sprocket and roller-chain which in turn drive the camshaft situated near the forward end of the chassis. There are flat tipped tines made of solid steel tubing and they actively lift and pry in response to the motion of the cam and move beneath the shingles lifting them slightly. The prong-tipped “finger” tines then strip the shingles forcibly away from the underlayment. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Rip A Strip Shingle Remover.
The Patent Pending Rip A Strip Shingle Remover was invented by Ron Herter of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada who said, “Estimators know that projecting man hours can easily be the bane of every construction job project. Any time the labor costs can be cut has a vital impact on the bottom line. This is as true with roofing as it is for other trades, but in this case it works perfectly for roofers.”

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