RingLead Unveils Intelligent Routing for Salesforce With RingLead Route

RingLead, a leader in data operations, today announced intelligent routing to its unified command center for customer data management, empowering businesses to drive a better buying experience by removing the all-too-common friction that results from an inaccurate and delayed lead assignment. RingLead Route enables businesses to maintain complex, up-to-date routing logic—​even as business needs continue to evolve.

“High-growth businesses can no longer rely on primitive lead routing methods,” said Russ Artzt, Executive Chairman at RingLead. “There’s a clear demand from our customers, and in fact, the industry, for a more sophisticated lead distribution and routing tool that integrates with their overall data operations strategy. That’s what we deliver with RingLead Route.”

RingLead Route allows users to maintain complete control over their rules of engagement, offering sophisticated matching logic and unlimited round robin capabilities that allow companies to transparently distribute leads to the best possible owners. Frictionless product synergy with RingLead’s end-to-end data management platform, DMS, ensures all inbound leads are first normalized, deduped and enriched, before routing to the best owner. 

RingLead DMS unifies all core data operations in a single, cloud-based platform, from lead generation and data deduplication, to data protection and enrichment, enhancing the effectiveness of CRMs and Marketing Automation Systems like Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua. The addition of RingLead Route enables businesses to truly centralize all of their data operations in a single, secure platform.

How does RingLead Route work? 

  • High-level conditions: RingLead looks at four high-level conditions before routing to determine appropriate workflow: no match, lead match, contact match, and account match. 
  • Rules: Our advanced rules engine enables you to define under which conditions your leads are routed to a specific Salesforce user. 
  • Round Robin: Configure round robin rules to assign leads to a specific group of users using Boolean logic. 
  • Activity Reports: View your lead history and activity (e.g. conversion rates; no. of Leads linked to Accounts, etc.) for any time frame at any given point. 
  • Visual Display: Easily view your workflow and rule definitions in a personalized/customer-specific interface. 

Source: RingLead

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