Riding the Wave of Data-Driven VC Investing, Peachscore Announces Official Product Launch

After 12 months of heavy development, Peachscore, a Los Angeles-based AI technology company known as the "FICO Score for startups" and backed by the early investors of Google, Paypal, Dropbox, and Palantir, will be publicly launched at CES in Las Vegas on Jan. 5, 2022.  

Using proprietary AI-driven algorithms and analyzing millions of data points and exclusive data sets, Peachscore's engine is able to aggregate, analyze, and interpret over 500 key metrics in real-time across 14 dimensions of an early-stage company, including information shared by founders, to generate the equivalent of a "FICO" Score or Moody's credit rating for their business. The platform is built to support investors, entrepreneurs, and corporations, effectively interacting with each other.

"We live in an era defined by digital engagement and the startup ecosystem is no exception. This trend has only been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day, startups submit tens of thousands of online applications for investments, partnerships, or to secure critical resources. The only way for evaluators of these companies to keep up with the demand is to be equipped with data-driven tools that are able to process pre-screening and analysis at scale," said Alex Mojtahedi, CEO of Peachscore. 

"Peachscore proves that science can empower the art of early-stage investing and serve as a counter-balance to a mainly 'gut-feeling' approach." Alex Mojtahedi, Founder & CEO

As the industry rapidly adopts more exclusive tools for a data-driven approach to VC investing to obtain an edge, Peachscore aims to provide the infrastructure needed for the savviest investors in VC as well as newcomers to embrace this change. Their goal is to democratize data access, intelligence, and analytics for everyone, including those with limited resources or experience. 

Investors have the ability to onboard startups in their pipeline on the platform or discover and connect with new companies through the Peachscore marketplace. Peachscore gives organizations the ability to receive real-time, detailed, and automated reports and insights on early-stage companies.

For entrepreneurs, Peachscore is a "common app" that can be used to seamlessly "apply" for multiple funds at once, allowing startups to easily interact with investors in minutes instead of months. The app is democratizing the space by giving all founders a platform to be seen by top investors, effectively breaking down the "boys club," gate-keeping mentality that has plagued the industry for years.

Additionally, a founder's Peachscore profile serves as an indicator of the risk factors that impact attracting potential investment capital. Their comprehensive nine-page report with detailed annotations and ratings for each dimension of their company gives founders the ability to better understand industry guidelines. A startup profile can even be shared by founders with investors and other stakeholders outside the Peachscore network for fundraising purposes.

"We believe in a business model where both startups and investors can reap the benefit from data and analytics which ultimately drive more meaningful interactions. The industry today is skewed toward a strictly assessment-based model that focuses only on delivering value for investors. Peachscore represents a paradigm shift and adopts an 'assist and assess' model for early-stage companies, where they gain as much value as those evaluating them," says Andrew Walsh, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Peachscore.

During their launch this year at CES, Peachscore is hosting an award ceremony for the most innovative startup company attending the event as analyzed by the Peachscore AI engine. This will be marked as the first award in Venture Capital history determined by an AI. 

Startups, investors, or corporates looking to learn more can apply here.

Source: Peachscore