Peachscore Launches Equity-Free Data-Driven Accelerator Program in Los Angeles

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Peachscore, a renowned startup ecosystem enabler, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Virtual Equity-Free Data-Driven Accelerator Program in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. This innovative program aims to democratize access to accelerator resources by leveraging advanced data analytics and scalable technologies, allowing Peachscore to accommodate a few hundred companies in each batch in the near future. This scale is significantly larger than traditional accelerator programs that can only accept a fraction of these numbers due to their reliance on limited human expertise. 

Peachscore aims to break the barriers that startups often face when seeking support and guidance. By providing an equity-free model, Peachscore ensures that startups can access valuable resources, introductions, and mentorship without compromising their ownership and control. This unique approach not only breaks the traditional accelerator models designed only for pre-seed companies but also enables a vast number of companies in Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A stages to benefit from this new model. It empowers founders to focus on growth and innovation, driving their startups toward success.

The inaugural July cohort of the Program is a diverse group of exceptional companies, with 53% minority and female founders. The companies participating in the current cohort are:

nFlux: (Series A)
Reworth: (Seed)
Haloo: (Seed)
Radivision: (Seed)
Pyplan:  (Seed) 
Simplicollege: (Pre-seed)
Onlihub: (Pre-seed)
Thousand Faces: (Pre-seed)
Now You're Clean: (Pre-seed)
Mindozone: (Pre-seed)
Ontolds: (Pre-seed)
Cloud Crocodile: (Pre-seed)
Pep Cubes: (Pre-seed)
HopStair: (Pre-seed)
Aya: (Pre-seed) (Pre-seed)

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"We're excited to launch our Equity-Free Data-Driven Accelerator Program in Los Angeles and welcome these exceptional startups to our inaugural Cohort," said Alex Mojtahedi, CEO & Partner of Peachscore. "With a high focus on providing exceptional value to founders, our scalable approach allows democratizing access to accelerator resources and leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs," said Peyman Shahmirzadi, Investor at Peachscore.

By leveraging data-driven strategies, Peachscore equips startups with the tools needed to scale their businesses and achieve remarkable milestones. With a clear vision to scale and accommodate a few hundred companies in each batch, Peachscore aims to democratize access to accelerator programs and create opportunities for each startup. By harnessing the power of data and scalable technologies, Peachscore is revolutionizing the way startups receive support and guidance, fostering an environment of innovation and growth.

Peachscore is committed to driving the future of entrepreneurship in Los Angeles and beyond. With its virtual, equity-free model and scalable infrastructure, Peachscore is poised to become a leading force in supporting startups to achieve their business goals.

About Peachscore: Peachscore is a leading startup ecosystem enabler dedicated to empowering early-stage companies. Through its Virtual Equity-Free Data-Driven Accelerator Program, Peachscore provides startups with valuable resources, mentorship, and a platform to scale their businesses.

Source: Peachscore