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Rhum J.M, one of the French Caribbean’s oldest and most prestigious rhum distilleries, is honored to have Rhum J.M VSOP included amongst Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Top 100 Spirits.

The splendid Rhum J.M VSOP is crafted at the foot of the volcano, Mt. Pelée, in the small town of Macouba in northern Martinique. Estate-grown sugar cane is crushed within one hour of the harvest to capture fresh sugar cane juice, distilled into Rhum agricole, and aged 4 years in virgin oak barrels and re-charred Bourbon barrels to capture its rich, illustrious mahogany color and warm baking spice flavor.

As one of the smaller producers of Rhum agricole, all the components of making Rhum J.M come from around the distillery. From the breezy volcanic sugarcane fields to the humid, salty aging environment, to the estate’s mineral spring water used in the rhum, it is the place where Rhum J.M is made that is the signature of the rhum’s quality.

“This place is our responsibility and why we have committed to our philosophy to be the most sustainable distillery in the world,” says Karine Lasalle, Rhum J.M’s Cellar Master. “From our sugar cane that is pressed to make our rum, the used cane fibers are burned in our boiler for our distillery. Our boiler does not release smoke into the atmosphere because of extra internal combustion, and we compost the used cane and ash together for organic fertilizer. What we use, we try to put back or use all of it.”

As a 43% ABV aged rhum expression, Rhum J.M VSOP is highlighted by orange zest and juicy grilled pineapple, flambeed banana and spices with compliments of sea salt and toasted vanilla.

“Rhum J.M is an exemplary French Caribbean Rhum agricole with loads of heritage and character. It is prominently placed on the stage with the other finest spirits from around the world,” says Benjamin Jones, Director of Spiribam, the brand’s U.S. importer. “Rhum J.M VSOP has been the flagship of the portfolio since the brand was first introduced in the United States 10 years ago. We are sincerely proud and honored to be listed once again as one of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s top 100 spirits.”

Rhum J.M is distributed throughout the United States and available in more than 50 countries. The portfolio is made up of a collection of white and aged agricole rhums as well as the traditional orange Shrubb liqueur of Martinique.

Spirit enthusiasts across the United States (with the exception of those from AL, IL, KY, MI, MS, NH, SD and UT) can order Rhum J.M and have it conveniently shipped directly to their home. To order, simply visit www.rhumjmusa.com and follow the “SHOP NOW” button.

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Benjamin Jones
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