Revry Teams Up With XITE to Launch a Special Pride Music Video Channel in the UK

The Revry Curated Music Video Channel Will Feature Independent Queer Artists Who Will Entertain and Inspire Exploration of LGBTQ Artists.

Revry on Xite

Revry, the global LGBTQ-first media company, announced that it will be curating and launching a pride music video channel on the XITE network in the UK. Just in time for the Pride season starting in June, the channel features queer artists including Mila Jam, Aina Brei'Yon, Yaeji, Chester Lockhart, John Duff and Jesse Montana.

"Pride is something that is very close to my heart, so as the main music curator for the Pride category of channels at XITE, I wanted to create a destination for all the underrepresented and marginalized within our industry and celebrate the positivity and strength of the LGBTQIA+ community," said Rosie Wise, Music Curator at XITE. "I'm very proud of the inclusiveness of the XITE TV app, so the chance to build on this further with the addition of the Revry channel and the independent artists featured there was really great." 

"Being able to share our music programming with a partner like XITE is an exciting opportunity to connect with our queer community in the UK and beyond," said Revry co-founder and CEO Damian Pelliccione. "Music is a strong part of our culture, and inspiring the exploration of queer music raises awareness and interest in these artists."

The partnership with XITE is part of a broader relationship between Revry and Diversity Media Sales, which connects Revry's audience and programming to the UK and beyond. "We're delighted to have brought together two of the leading streaming networks in the UK to deliver an authentic representation of LGBTQ artists," said Diversity Media Sales co-founder and Managing Partner Sam Parry. "We hope this shows what's possible and inspires other mainstream publishers to focus more resources on inclusive opportunities for underserved communities."

Revry, the LGBTQ-first streaming media network, is available worldwide on Samsung TV Plus, the Roku Channel, Vizio WatchFree, Amazon Freevee, Rakuten TV, Apple TV, XUMO, rlaxx and more.

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