Revolution Management, Inc. Gains Key Skills From Conference

The Revolution Management, Inc. team recently returned from a quarterly conference. Colton, the company President, stated that his associates honed a number of key skills while attending.

​In the sales and marketing industry, interpersonal skills are absolute musts. For the Revolution Management, Inc., team this means consistently improving communication, networking, and other such abilities. Colton praised his team’s efforts. He indicated that their recent conference was proof of how dedicated his associates are to continual learning.

“Many of the attendees were veteran members of Revolution Management, Inc.,” he said. “Despite this, they showed passionate eagerness to learn as much as they could during the trip. They worked on networking, public speaking, and other core skills. For an experiential marketing firm like ours, those abilities are absolutely essential.”

"Make sure to be friendly,"

Colton , President

Beyond honing skills, Colton’s team networked with many of the best and brightest professionals in their field. This was a great opportunity to establish relationships that will lead to the continued success of the firm. The attendees were quick to share everything they had learned while at the event.

Revolution Management, Inc.’s President Reveals How to Get the Most From Conference Attendance

Colton discussed some specifics about how the Revolution Management, Inc. team members go about making the most of the conferences they attend. He really emphasized one idea in particular: doing homework.

“Don’t just show up and expect to learn a lot,” he said. “Take the time beforehand to do your homework about who will be there and what talks will be taking place. Manage your schedule so you can attend all the most valuable sessions.”

He also strongly recommended getting involved in any way possible. Colton indicated that he encourages his team members to speak if they have the opportunity. He also has them attend interactive workshops and question-and-answer sessions. By actively taking part in the conference, they not only have a chance to improve their abilities, they greatly increase their visibility.

According to Colton, it is also extremely important to remember key takeaways from such events. He sends every Revolution Management, Inc. associate with a notepad to jot down central points and ideas during the event. It can be difficult to recall everything after the end of the conference, so note-taking is a must.

“Make sure to be friendly,” he concluded. “Put away the phone and put yourself out there. Go to all of the social events and get to know people. You don’t need to treat it like an obligation. Instead, learn about people and make friends. These relationships can lead to some excellent opportunities after the conference.”

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