Revenue Solutions, Inc. Launches revX™, the Only Cloud-Native SaaS Platform for Government Revenue Processing

The Newly Enhanced RSI™ Solution, revX™, Removes the Hassle and Cost of Maintaining Systems, Allowing Governments to Invest Time, Money, and Resources Into Fulfilling Core Business Functions.

Revenue Solutions

Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a leader in providing software and services that enable digital transformation for governments, announced today the launch of their new product: revX™, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed for government revenue processing in the cloud.   

With this solution, RSI™ continues to lead governments to innovate through the simplicity and security only a cloud-native solution can provide. revX allows customers to reap the benefits of drag and drop configurations, AI-powered analytics, and the power of the RSI™ business rule engine: logiX™. 

With logiX™, revX™ gives governments a user-friendly and flexible solution that allows responding to policy, regulatory, and tax law changes quickly without the aid of software developers. Instead of writing code, compiling, and deploying, logiX™ enables agencies and offices to use an editor to drag and drop files in order to build their own logic and run it. 

"Our 26 years of experience empowering government agencies and offices with cutting-edge technology gives us the confidence to say revX will be a game-changer. This solution is a trifecta for governments looking to digitally innovate, offering more efficiency, optimization of resources, better service to citizens, and, above all, more security," stated John Skinner, CEO of RSI.  

revX ™ removes the hassle and cost of maintaining systems, allowing governments to invest time, money, and resources into performing core business activities, with a world-class security system. revX™ is foundationally designed on IRS Publication 1075 security controls, which allows it to: 

  • Securely apply advanced analytics and threat intelligence to detect attacks.  
  • Use access and application controls to block malicious activity.  
  • Find and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.  
  • Simplify investigation when responding to threats.  
  • Apply policy to ensure compliance with security standards. 

John Kitonis, RSI's CTO added: "When new technology that best suits the functionality within a service is available, it can quickly be deployed without impact to the surrounding ecosystem. RSI's revX™ microservices architecture provides numerous benefits, including faster updates to applications and citizen-facing services, without costly downtime." 

For 26 years, RSI™ has delivered transformative technology solutions, working alongside hundreds of clients throughout the United States and Canada. With revX™ and its cloud-native solution, RSI supports one of its main goals: to lead governments into groundbreaking innovations. 

About RSI

Founded in 1996, RSI is the trusted, collaborative partner leading governments to innovation with the only cloud-native packaged software solution, revX. Offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), revX is the preferred platform for government revenue processing. 

We empower public agencies and offices with solutions that improve citizen services; increase operational efficiency, collect additional revenue, and maximize compliance. For over 25 years, RSI has delivered transformative technology solutions across hundreds of client projects throughout the United States and Canada. 


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