Revegy Enhances User Interface to Improve Navigation and Productivity

Software's new look better allows users to map the people, priorities and progress of key accounts.

Revegy, a leading provider of account planning technology, updated its software user interface (UI). Revegy’s new look, which launched in early April, allows customers to collaborate more easily and use their time more wisely. It provides users with clean dashboards, improved navigation and more intuitive experiences for modern users to make Revegy tools more productive and easily accessible. In addition, the update brings new colors, fonts and clearly labeled icons to make critical information easier to access at a glance.

“Our customers spoke, and we listened,” said Anne Kimsey, Vice President of Product for Revegy. “Customer feedback drove this UI update, which has allowed us to modernize our look, improve our user experience and align with what customers have grown to expect in their B2B software.”   

With large enterprise clients top of mind, Revegy used the UI design to streamline workflows, eliminate clicks and strategically leverage color to simplify work for distributed teams that manage complex client relationships and goals.

“We are very excited about this new look and feel. Our users are very busy and need a solution that helps them quickly focus on what’s most important and find what they need,” added Mark Kopcha, CEO for Revegy. “Our redesigned UI makes working with Revegy faster and easier than ever.”

Highlights of the new UI include:

  • Improved look and feel for information at a glance
    • Flattened design to enhance legibility of icons and text
    • A “more options” menu for clutter-free dashboards without loss of features
    • Enhanced responsive design
    • Thoughtful use of color to draw attention to areas of meaning
  • Improved navigation to help users quickly know where to go
    • Color differentiation for important action items
    • Underlined notation of active page on the top navigation bar
    • Additional text for clarification of icons on side navigation bar
  • Improved productivity to help users make the most of their time
    • Updated placement of the most popular tools and actions for quick access
    • Color and font differentiation to focus attention on what’s next
    • Reduced clicks to simplify tool use

To bring this vision to life, Revegy hired a best-in-class UX design agency, Atlanta’s Toolbox No. 9, which conducted a series of stakeholder interviews and did end-user testing with both clients and non-clients. The new UI is a result of that work, as well as hands-on teamwork between the agency and Revegy.

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About Revegy 

Revegy, a leading sales platform for key account planning, enables companies to visualize what’s going on inside their largest accounts by mapping people, priorities and progress. Closing the gap between CRM and sales methodology programs, Revegy provides powerful visual solutions for account, opportunity and portfolio planning. Founded in 2005, Revegy helps sales teams navigate the maze of changing relationships, competing interests and corporate politics that accompany large accounts. The only agnostic platform of its kind, Revegy is designed to work with any CRM and any sales methodology. More than 30,000 users around the world rely on Revegy to manage nearly $25 billion in revenue. For more information, and to see the way to win, visit or follow the company via Twitter and LinkedIn


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