Restoring Trust in Nigerian Elections - INEC Must Respond to Allegations and Discrepencies

Nigeria's two main opposition parties, PDP and LP, have called for the cancellation of the country's presidential election over allegations of the incompetency of the electoral commission, INEC, alleging that they did not comply with the law in the collation and announcement of results.

VP Candidates from PDP and LP

A coalition of organizations of Nigerians in the diaspora (IRF Roundtable, RNI, ALG, ICON, PSJ, etc.) including multi-faith groups, are standing with Nigerians all over the world and calling on INEC to audit the 2023 Nigerian Presidential elections, as an open letter from the International Committee on Nigeria. In a formal letter signed by numerous entities and addressed to the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the coalition is demanding that a credible audit be conducted expeditiously and completed well before a specified deadline. 

Nigerian voters deserve to know the truth regarding their vote and the process of reporting and collation by the INEC. Nigeria is the most populous and wealthiest nation in Africa but is at the precipice of chaos, as it already endures ongoing killings, violence, kidnappings, unemployment, and inflation. 

The 2023 Nigerian Elections were meant to bring hope to the masses and restore democracy, but if anything, it has helped to deepen citizens' distrust in the voting process, the government, and its security forces. The 2023 Electoral process has featured unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, intimidation, violations, and lax enforcement of election law, as well as other voting irregularities despite the huge taxpayer's funds invested into this venture. 

In the letter to INEC, the coalition asserts among others that election integrity is a national and international concern. An audit would improve the faith in Nigeria's electoral process and would significantly enhance the legitimacy of whoever becomes the next President. The INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, owes that to Nigeria (full text of the letter is available).

Many domestic and international observers, along with local and international media have reported that there is an "unprecedented threat" that the election process has "reduced trust in the process and challenged the people's right to vote''. Opposition parties have walked out of the venue where the results of the presidential elections were being announced because of an alleged "lack of transparency" including the PDP and LP. Yet, the current administration, and parastatals, apparently do not believe that there is enough to warrant alarm. That is a serious concern, as it poses an ongoing threat to the legitimacy of subsequent administrations.

The world cannot ignore these allegations, nor can we permit INEC, the Buhari administration, or the media to simply dismiss these serious allegations and violations. Sign our 'INEC Call to Action'.

Source: International Committee on Nigeria