London and Washington Must Act to Head Off Genocide in Nigeria

Religious Freedom Advocates say Nigeria is Heading Towards Collapse. Thousands sign a petition that calls on the US and UK governments to respond to the ongoing crisis in Nigeria.

Concerned Nigerian citizens signing petition

Citizens of the wealthiest nation in Africa endure assaults, kidnappings, and the threat of murder daily, yet their authorities stand down. In today's Nigeria, citizens no longer believe in their government or its security forces. Instead, they are calling for help from the international community. A joint petition from the International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) and the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Roundtable's "Generation NEXT" mobilized concerned citizens, calling on the US and UK governments to meet with them and listen to their concerns. 

"Foreign governments, like the US and UK, have refused to hold the Nigerian government accountable to protect human rights and religious freedom," stated Ishaya Inuwa, host of the youth wing of the International Religious Freedom Roundtable in Nigeria. He added, "We are using this petition to demand that these foreign governments listen to us and respond to the facts on the ground." Generation NEXT, the youth of the IRF Roundtable, were instrumental in spreading the petition and garnering nearly 10,000 signatures both online and in-person.

"We have to act now before Nigeria no longer exists," declared Dr. Gloria Puldu-Samdi, IRF participant and Leah Foundation President. "If we fail to make our voices heard," she added, "thousands more Nigerians will die at the hands of radicalized terrorists who are slaughtering unarmed citizens."

This petition will be delivered by their leaders on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, to the US Embassy in Abuja and then move to the UK High Commission at 10:30 am WAT. The event will also be streamed live on the ICON-PSJ Media YouTube Channel (

Nigeria's crisis of insurgency coupled with lawlessness due to Fulani militant attacks (also Fulani bandits), and Boko Haram / ISWAP/ Ansaru terrorists who are murdering thousands of defenseless Christians each year. Compounding the problems of insecurity and perpetual corruption, Nigeria is facing an election in 2023. Instability in West Africa requires a stable Nigeria, but experts warn of Nigeria becoming a failed state.

ICON advocates to help the oppressed and minority groups in Nigeria and argues that a destabilized and crisis-ridden Nigeria has a negative impact on development, international security, and the stability of the entire region.


Kyle D. Abts, ICON Director
405 N. Washington St, Ste 300, 
Falls Church, VA 22046