Restaurant Solutions, Inc. Annouces New Purchasing Services

RSI Purchasing Services

Restaurant Solutions, Inc. (RSI) has announced its new Purchasing Services & Manufacturer Rebate Program. Pulling the purchasing power of their 2,000 clients with nearly $1.3 billion in spend, RSI has negotiated manufacturer rebate programs for their clients to earn money back on their everyday purchases. RSI’s Purchasing Program is based on actual client item usage and passes 100% of the earned rebate income back to the clients through a reduction of RSI Service Fees.  

Historically, independent restaurants have neither the purchasing volume, the expertise nor the time to effectively do more than order their products. Adding to the issue, Group Buying Organizations are often geared to higher volume organizations that can realize a smaller percentage of savings after the GBO’s receive their portion, leaving independent restaurants with a lack of options to reduce their costs. RSI’s Purchasing Services & Manufacturer Rebate Program were created specifically to address these issues. In an interview with RSI CEO, Blair Pennington, he discussed the motive behind the development of the RSI Purchasing Services. “One of our key goals in business has always been to enable independent restaurants to stay in business longer; to provide education and services which empower restaurants to thrive in an industry where margins are slim.” Pennington continued, “We believe the RSI Purchasing Program provides a value to our clients that is unmatched; we’re able to bypass the middleman, who typically takes a portion of rebate income, and ensure that 100% of that earned rebate goes directly to our clients through a reduction of their monthly service fees. This valuable service provides savings both in time and money for restaurants, and continues to build upon the lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients over the last 18 years.”

Director of Purchasing Services, Max Stryker, expanded on the details of why the RSI Purchasing Program is so important for RSI clients to utilize. “Independent Operators are in a no-win position. Due to their purchase volume, they have little to no control over product pricing volatility. Most operators feel that their only recourse for addressing rising costs is to either increase menu prices or reduce the quality of their products. This is why the RSI Purchasing Program provides such a significant value to our clients.” Stryker continued, “This Purchasing Service has been specifically designed to maximize the operator’s ability to increase profits without sacrificing their guest experience.”


About Restaurant Solutions, Inc.

Restaurant Solutions, Inc. is a national Restaurant Accounting & Management Services company headquartered in Littleton, CO with additional regional offices in Chicago, IL. The RSI team is backed by a group of knowledgeable sales professionals located throughout the country ensuring we’re local everywhere. RSI serves over 2,000 independent restaurants from the Pacific Northwest to the entire East Coast and everywhere in between. RSI area of expertise includes but is not limited to: Hospitality Industry Operations, General Accountancy Practice, Purchasing Solutions, Federal/State/Local Taxes, Bank Reconciliations, Compliance and Information Technologies. Restaurant Solutions, Inc. enables independent restaurant operators the ability to Focus on Food, Not Finances™

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