Restaurant Solutions, Inc. and Delaget Announce Partnership to Deliver Turnkey Financial Services for Single- and Small Multi-Unit Restaurant Operators

​​Restaurant Solutions, Inc. (RSI) and Delaget are pleased to announce a joint effort to provide the Restaurant industry with a complete solution for accounting, payroll, and above store reporting. Through this new partnership’s turnkey financial solutions, restaurant operators will be able to make faster, more-informed decisions; simplify their back office; and protect their business from turnover and compliance risks.  

The partnership brings together RSI’s restaurant financial expertise, and accounting and payroll services, with the Delaget Connect data warehouse. Delaget Connect automatically pulls the data needed from an operator’s POS and other systems and feeds it into RSI’s accounting and payroll systems, so operators no longer need to manually upload data or deal with data integration issues.

RSI Director of Partnerships & Acquisitions, Dan Jacobs, shared the importance of the Delaget partnership to the restaurant franchisee world. “Payroll and accounting tasks take time away from revenue-producing activities like strategically growing the business. But, missing a financial deadline, having a bad audit, or inaccurate financials can put operators out of business.” He continued, “To further complicate things, maintaining compliancy with federal and state mandates is trickier than ever, and law changes regarding sick time, overtime, PTO and more, have created a world of litigation that is tough for operators to handle on their own. We’re partnering with Delaget to ensure operators don’t have to use their time, treasure, and talent focusing on the myriad of tasks involved in back-office restaurant accounting, when they could and should be focusing on things that will directly impact and improve their bottom line.”

“We frequently hear from small operators that managing and supporting an internal finance function is an obstacle to their growth,“ said Delaget CEO Jason Tober. “Our partnership with RSI means we can offer these franchisees a scalable model that keeps their attention and resources focused on running great restaurants.”  

RSI President and CEO, Blair Pennington, summed up the partnership, “By utilizing our financial expertise and solutions, paired with the consolidated data acquisition that Delaget provides, this partnership is able to offer operators protection, profitability, and simplification. It can’t get much better than that.” 

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About Restaurant Solutions, Inc.

Restaurant Solutions, Inc. is a national Restaurant Accounting & Management Services company headquartered in Littleton, CO with additional regional offices in Chicago, IL. The RSI team is backed by a group of knowledgeable sales professionals located throughout the country ensuring we’re local everywhere.  RSI serves over 1,600 small restaurants from the Pacific Northwest to the entire East Coast and everywhere in between.  RSI area of expertise includes but is not limited to:  Hospitality Industry Operations, General Accountancy Practice, Purchasing Solutions, Federal/State/Local Taxes, Bank Reconciliations, Compliance and Information Technologies. Restaurant Solutions, Inc. enables independent restaurant operators the ability to Focus on Food, Not Finances™.  Visit us at for more information.

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About Delaget

Delaget helps new and growth-oriented restaurant operators expand their business and improve profitability by enabling them to focus 100% on store operations. We do this by freeing them from IT and home-office tasks and equipping them with actionable business insights. Delaget’s data warehouse and suite of reporting and analytics solutions dramatically reduce the complexity of running a restaurant and support rapid growth. We were born of a multi-unit franchisee, understand the unique challenges, and know how to help restaurateurs leverage their data to run smarter, more profitable operations. Our customers include KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Five Guys, Hard Rock Café, IHOP, Hardee’s, Sonic, Papa John’s, and more. Visit us at for more information.

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