ReSolve Asset Management Expands CE Webinar Curriculum With 'Asset Allocation Thought Leaders' Series; Risk Parity on Deck

CE Series helps Advisors examine the most contentious debates of 2017: the risks in Risk Parity, and the value of valuations.

On the heels of their acclaimed IIROC and FPSC approved Masterclass series, “A Revolution in Global Asset Allocation,” ReSolve Asset Management is proud to announce two additional courses launching in June 2017 (and available on demand thereafter).

“This market has Advisors confounded,” notes ReSolve President Mike Philbrick. “It’s eerily calm, despite policy uncertainty, high valuations and the potential for rate hikes later this year.”  But these conditions create Advisor demand for advanced educational courses on global asset allocation, diversification, and risk management.

For the 2017 series, ReSolve sought out some of the brightest minds in global asset allocation. “Yes, our firm has a specific way of doing things,” points out ReSolve’s CIO Adam Butler, “But our way isn’t the only way. A lot of strategies fly under the flag of ‘global asset allocation,’ and to provide our audience with the most robust content, it was important to involve our friends in the industry.”

Future courses will involve the likes of Meb Faber (Cambria Investments), Larry Swedroe (The Bam Alliance), Corey Hoffstein (Newfound Research), Jack Vogel (Alpha Architect), and others.

ReSolve will lead off the series on June 8, 2017, with “Risk Parity: A Long-Term Perspective.” The course will examine 90 years of market history to highlight the stark differences between how Risk Parity actually works, versus how it is perceived to work.

Meb Faber of Cambria Investments will follow on June 20, 2017, with “What are Global Stock Market Valuations Saying?” The session will revisit the much-maligned Shiller CAPE ratio to examine whether or not valuations are still a useful investment signal. “Valuations for U.S. stocks and bonds are sending a perilous message about prospective returns,” states Mr. Faber. “The trick is not using valuations as a timing tool, but rather a gauge of future returns.  And right now, prospective returns are more attractive for those diversifying globally.”

To realize the ambitious vision of the Thought Leaders in Asset Allocation series, ReSolve was grateful for the opportunity to partner once again with leading Canadian Advisor community “We were very excited about the results of the 2016 Asset Allocation Masterclass,” says Managing Editor Pierre Daillie. “And with the end of IIROC Cycle 6 nearing its end, we look forward to bringing more top-tier multimedia content to our industry-leading Advisor network.”

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ReSolve Asset Management delivers ETF Managed Portfolio Solutions focused on global asset allocation. The firm stands for rules-based adaptive portfolios prioritizing diversification and downside protection for strong, stable returns through most market environments. ReSolve serves advisors and institutions in Canada, and advisors, institutions, and individuals in the United States. To learn more about our offerings, including SMA, ETF and ReSolve Online Advisor, or to learn more about our research methods, visit our research blog at or our website at

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