Repetitive Strain Injuries; Are You At Risk?

Repeated movement at work could result in a painful injury. Despite not feeling pain when the action is performed, repetitive motions have been connected to debilitating conditions.

Everyday, thousands of people find themselves experiencing an unexplained pain. Often times, people will complain about debilitating pain in their wrists, backs, knees, and other major joints or muscles. The truth of the matter is that seemingly unexplained pain can be caused from repetitive tasks or movements that one does on the job. Even if an action does not seem to be painful or strenuous at the time, repeated movements or actions can lead to a repetitive strain injury. These types of injuries are also referred to as occupational overuse syndrome, cumulative trauma disorder, regional musculoskeletal disorder, or soft tissue disorder. These conditions stem from jobs that require the employees to engage in prolonged movements. An example of this can be excessive typing, heavy lifting, repeated bending or twisting, or even extended amounts of time driving.

The main problem with repetitive strain injuries is that people often do not know the root of the cause. Someone may simply begin to experience pain when performing a leisure activity. Because they did not feel the pain when at work, the person might not realize that this injury could have stemmed from work duties. Workers Compensation law clearly shows that employees may be subject to some sort of compensation if they have been injured on the job. With a workers compensation case such as this, the stakes are high. If your lawyer is unable to prove the claim, you may be stuck unable to work with medical bills piling high and no where else to turn. If you are in need of an experienced attorney to handle your repetitive strain injury case, you need impeccable legal help.

An increasing amount of people have come forward with RSI's ranging from miniscule problems to very serious complications. Gabe Dominocielo, COO of RepresentYou, states that "These repetitive strain injuries can be extremely serious. Many people do not realize that repetitive, non-ergonomic movements can take a very painful toll over time". RepresentYou is a State Bar of California-certified lawyer referral service that may be able to help connect you to a competent workers comp lawyer in your area today.

The problem facing employees is simple, they are unaware of the potential harm that can arise from repetitive motion. Even if aware of the potential dangers, repetitive strain injuries can be pretty unpredictable. An increasing number of people are coming forward with serious injuries caused by work duties. If you or a loved one has began to experience unexplained pain, it is recommended that you see a doctor as soon as possible. Following your initial visit with a doctor, you may want to speak with an experienced workers compensation attorney, should you and your doctor feel this pain could have been caused by working conditions.

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