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RepeaterStore, a market leader in signal booster sales, is now Waveform (

“We’ve been in the cell phone signal booster business for over 13 years,” explains Sina Khanifar, founder and CEO of Waveform. “In that time, we’ve grown to provide not just signal amplifier systems to our customers, but also innovative new technologies like small cells.”

Waveform revealed its new brand name and logo on Nov. 17. Under the new name, they continue to sell popular cell signal booster kits and accessories from established U.S. manufacturers like weBoost/Wilson Electronics, SureCall, Cel-Fi, and HiBoost.

“This is a way of formalising a significant milestone for us,” explained Khanifar. “We’ve been helping all kinds of customers, from individuals looking to boost the signal at their desk, all the way up to major corporations looking to bring reliable cell service into 500,000-square-foot buildings. As Waveform, we’re growing that commitment to getting every kind of client the great signal they need.”

The new brand name aims to convey the company’s ongoing focus on in-depth understanding of the science and engineering behind improving wireless service. Waveform will continue to marry comprehensive and knowledgeable customer service with a commitment to delivering the highest standards of signal improvement to clients.

About Waveform

Founded in 2006, Waveform is both a market leader in cellular signal booster sales and one of the leading systems integrators in the fast-growing “middleprise” in-building market. Waveform sells off-the-shelf and customized booster systems for cars, RVs, homes and offices, complete with knowledgeable customer service support. Waveform’s RSRF division is focused on implementing small cell and DAS solutions in offices, hospitals, industrial facilities, multi-family residential units, schools and universities. Waveform’s nationwide installation team deploys small cell, passive DAS, and active DAS solutions across the country, with deployments completed in weeks rather than months. More information about Waveform is available by email at

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