Renowned Writer-Director Arthur Muhammad Ends 2021 With 'The Starter Marriage' and Kicks Off 2022 With Four New Movies

From Rom-Com to Drama, Fans of the 'Carter High' Writer-Director Arthur Muhammad Can Expect Four New Films in 2022: 'Bid for Love' (post-production), 'Recession Proof' (post-production), 'Step Dad' (post-production) & 'Trap Soldiers' (post-production)

Arthur Muhammad, Director

Writer/director Arthur Muhammad is set to make 2022 his biggest year yet from Chariot Productions. The prolific Dallas native began his career with commercials, television shows, and music videos, then graduated to feature films, quickly making a name for himself with the breakout drama "Carter High," a Netflix favorite. The movie was the long-awaited true story of the 1988 Carter High Cowboys, the most feared high school football team in Texas during this period. A little-known fact is the Carter High story inspired the blockbuster football movie Friday Night Lights and the later-produced TV series by the same name. Muhammad was honored for his screenplay "Carter High" at the Cinema City International Film Festival's Screenwriter Awards in Los Angeles. Champions of Muhammad's work  follow his career and relish his ability to articulate the untold story behind the controversial outcome of a group of talented and charismatic football players. Intent on showcasing the political, social, and judicial landscape through his acerbic lens in the feature "Carter High," Muhammad planted his flag as a talent to be watched. 

Muhammad has a unique ability to hone into American culture and society in a way that is not only entertaining but also imparts a message or life lesson. Refusing to be identified and confined by genre, or expectations, Muhammad has written, produced, and directed a variety of features in drama, rom-com, faith, and more, all while generating a prolific collection of popular features. His filmography includes Solitaire, Sweet Justice, Carter High, First Impression, The Lil Voice, Gutta Mamis, and The Starter Marriage

On the horizon, fans can expect four new films in 2022: Bid for Love (post-production), Recession Proof (post-production), Step Dad (post-production), and Trap Soldiers (post-production).

Fans of Arthur Muhammad can find his films on Netflix, Prime, BET, Tubi, Vevo, iTunes, and more.

A Dallas native, Arthur Muhammad received his Bachelor's in Film and Media from Southern Methodist University and MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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