Reveals How to Remove Arrest Records From the Internet adds new helpful information to its reputation management course designed for individuals looking to erase criminal records published online.

Remove Arrest Records Online

After a revamp and update in November 2021, has taken client feedback into consideration and implemented even more new training into their professional reputation management solution aimed at young professionals. This product is for clients looking to clean up search results and remove mugshots online prior to things like applying for grad schools, internships, new jobs or even switching careers. Other reasons may include courtship of a new life partner, securing housing, or strategic new business partnerships.

Use cases range from a client trying to remove mugshots from Google or attacking a negative review directly in the search engine themselves.'s strategy involves working with website publishers that have accommodating policies toward the removal of online information. If no success is found with the website publisher directly then they work with major platforms attempting to fulfill their requirements for the removal of mugshots, arrest records, and negative information online. These platforms include search engines like Bing, Google, and Duck Duck Go. Sometimes they also include social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. During the implementation of these removal strategies, also launches an organic reputation management strategy to saturate the search results with high authority web properties that their clients can manage.

The latest videos added into the private training include a detailed over-the-shoulder walk-through of industry-standard tools used to identify content publishers. This increases the effectiveness of outreach campaigns. Additional new videos include updated optimization techniques designed to identify websites created by clients to the search engines. These optimization techniques tell search engines that they are the authority on a search for a particular name, thus securing the #1 spot in a name search. Also included is an ever-expanding list of valuable web properties. Clients are encouraged to create a presence on the websites included on this list which has expanded to over 500 web properties. The list is projected to grow to over 1500 websites by the end of 2022. These websites are hand-curated by the search experts at and tested regularly against the different search engine algorithms for their durability and longevity in the search results. has introduced the ability to outsource portions of the reputation management strategy so clients can decide on the objectives they want to take on versus ones they want to handle for them. This provides an easy flexible solution custom tailored for our clients.

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