New Reputation Management Course for Mugshot Removal creates a reputation management course geared toward mugshot victims


​​ launches a series of new training videos for people who have become victims of mugshot extortion. Reputation management, a process where a person influences the websites that appear in search results, is now simplified. Mugshot victims can avoid paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees to erase mugshots, which can be republished on different websites the guaranteed-removal companies own. was founded in 2013 by a search marketer who discovered their booking photo was being published online. To avoid paying the company who published the image, the founder buried their mugshot deep in the search results, preventing it from being seen and keeping the website owner from generating ad revenue from the image. In order to help others with the same experience, created a step-by-step blueprint on personal reputation management and made it available as a download for $39.99. The product has been enhanced by adding training videos and giving access to all prior clients.

Personal reputation management training is available to clients 24/7 for their convenience and is the only product on the market geared toward individuals, both in pricing and format. This consumer-facing solution tackles the problem of zombie mugshot websites that publish photos with no removal option and mugshot publishers who trick victims into a game of whack-a-mole by republishing images on different websites.

Even with the arrest of owners and a Google algorithm update, mugshots still continue to plague young professionals and the public in general. Mugshot removal is the most common form of reputation management among individuals, making up a majority of the market for non-B2B sales.

Despite the stigma associated with the industry, the website name has seen phenomenal growth in their personal reputation management segment by offering a permanent low-cost solution to mugshot victims and professionals interested in controlling the information that appears in an informal online search for their name.

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