"Remote Power Shut Off": Industry Reliable for Equipment Requiring an Emergency Shut Down

​Timing is important in all sections of life. In the industrial section it is vital safety wise. The Remote Power Shut Off is a remotely operated shut off device configured to work in conjunction with industrial boilers and any other equipment that sometimes requires an emergency shut-down. The design intent is to provide a reliable safety tool which enables the user to remotely shut off a piece of equipment such as a boiler malfunction or to be able to troubleshoot thus providing access for shut-down of hard to reach boiler systems or any other equipment when necessary as well as enabling the user to avoid direct contact with this equipment until it can be safely approached.

The transmitter of the Remote Power Shut Off system is comprised of a handheld remote control device and the receiver is a small box-like unit designed to be wired to existing equipment’s control circuit. As with traditional transmitters, the operational machination includes a frequency generator, amplifier, internal antenna and the required electrical/electronic components and digital circuity programmed to transmit a wireless, infrared signal to the companion receiver, with a sizable range setting available to reach boilers and other equipment installed in hard-to-access area or a simple as a remote On/Off switch for service or troubleshooting. The receiver unit is a shatterproof heat-resistant rectangular shaped power box featuring softy rounded corners. The Remote Power Shut Off receiver is also offered in a kit form to be retrofitted to existing equipment or incorporated into the design of newly manufactured equipment such as a boiler, fans or HVAC equipment. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Remote Power Shut Off.
The Patent Pending Remote Power Shut Off was invented by Misael Godoy of Richmond Hill, NY who said, “Service techs and maintenance professionals as well as homeowners and others will find this is the perfect means of immediately shutting down any piece of equipment during an emergency situation. Using the Remote Power Shut Off prevents potential hazards that arise when a malfunction occurs and it protects the safety of the worker by enabling them to disable the equipment form a safe and secure distance. It works.”

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