Remote Mining Company Will Offer Credit Card Sized Cold Storage Crypto Devices

FIDO U2F Certified Cold Storage Wallet That Fits With Credit Cards

Afin Coin, a leading technology company that offers verified remote mining services and is based in Thailand will soon offer users a secure cold storage option called KeyWallet Touch. The card supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Binance, Omisego and ERC20 tokens. Many other cryptocurrencies will be integrated over the coming months. The isolated chip set environment keeps funds secured while easily within reach, like a credit card. Funds can be backed up with high-level encryption and still offers the owner easy restoration of funds if the card is lost, stolen or damaged.

Each KeyWallet Touch device has a Fast Identity Online Universal Second Factor certification. You will see this referred to as FIDO U2F and it is the very feature that keeps funds secure by keeping thieves out. It also means that the KeyWallet Touch device can be used as a two-factor-authentication (2FA) device in the foreseeable future.

Considering how quickly their pre-ICO tokens were sold out, it is clear that there is a strong demand for the products and services offered by the Afin Coin team. This additional hardware wallet option will only add to the benefits that users will enjoy.

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