Remote Desktop or Remote Assistance? TSplus Can Help Find the Right Answers

Remote Desktop vs. Remote Assistance

The introduction of different technologies has changed a lot about how many people work every day.  Among them are remote desktop vs. remote assistance. Both environments require remote connections, but they are different in some ways. 

What Is Remote Desktop? 

Remote Desktop is a connection that gives a user full access to his host device remotely or from a distance. A very simple example of this is when you use your personal computer at home while connecting to your work PC. Typically, in this kind of setup, the screen of the host computer locks once the session starts. The remote computer will have access to the video output and is viewed using a remote screen. The host computer, on the other hand, does all the processing of data being passed from the personal to work computers. 

Remote Desktop is geared toward employee productivity and easy access to common data in the corporate network. By allowing an employee to access data on the host computer from a personal computer at home, Remote Desktop is a great way to maintain a consistent workspace, regardless of location.                      

What About Remote Assistance? 

Remote Assistance is different from Remote Desktop since its main purpose is to provide the user with technical support from a distance. A user allows a technician to see what is actually happening on the screen from a remote place. The host invites the user to log in and share the screen and peripherals. 

A properly configured host computer enables a support agent to control the host. This helps the IT team troubleshoot problems without making the trip to physically repair the PC. IT teams can operate quickly and efficiently with the right remote assistance tools 

How Can TSplus help? 

With a full menu of Remote AccessRemote Work and Remote Support products, TSplus has a team with decades of expertise in the field of Remote Environments. Whether you need a remote desktop or remote assistance solution, it will help to have an expert explain how these systems work. If you have any questions regarding Remote Desktop, you can count on our team to assist you further. TSplus sales and support teams are always available. Visit the website to learn more or to download a 15-day trial of any TSplus product.  

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