Rehegoo Music Group Announces New CEO

A New Streaming Platform Calls for New Leadership as Record Label Expands at Record Pace

Mattia Esposito

Record label and digital music publisher Rehegoo Music Group announced today that COO Mattia Esposito will be taking charge of the American division as CEO of Rehegoo Music USA. 

The promotion follows an exciting year for the company, with the launch of Rehegoo Streaming – a new platform offering background music for business venues. The streaming service made its debut on the European market back in May and is now making its way toward the American arena, with plans to tap into the nation’s large network of small businesses, retail chains and startups. The expansion calls for new leadership on the American frontier as the company prepares to introduce Rehegoo Streaming to U.S. markets at the start of Q4 this year.

Esposito will maintain his role as Chief Operating Officer of the European division, while taking on his new position as head of U.S. operations in the New York office, to accommodate Rehegoo’s growing influence on the American industry and bring Rehegoo Streaming to business owners nationwide.

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Source: Rehegoo Music Group


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