Regal Software Offers Automated Payments for Corporate Payables

Replace dated, manual payment processes with Regal's secure, cloud-based platform which automates payments to vendors. Companies can now send secure supplier payments, including Virtual Card, ACH, Wire and Check through the RegalPay platform in just a few clicks.

In an environment where business continuity and remote work has become a reality, companies are looking for a secure solution to automate and simplify the vendor payments process. Regal has been providing an automated payments platform solution since 2008.

The RegalPay platform enables companies to pull payment batches directly from their own accounting systems and pay multiple invoices at once without the need for email, calling, faxing card payments or manually uploading data and files to their bank for payment processing.  Companies can pay vendors using their existing bank or through a RegalPay partner bank card issuer, and payment data is always encrypted for maximum security.

RegalPay works with your accounting system with over 160 ERP in production. RegalPay has been installed in over 2000 locations with billions of dollars in transaction volume. “In today’s complex environment, companies are searching for stable, safe and secure processes that drive cost-effectiveness and efficiencies. RegalPay is the right solution to automate the vendor payments process” says Ed Wertzberger, VP-Solution Delivery.

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About Regal Software

Regal Software is a FinTech provider in the corporate electronic payments industry. Regal offers the most robust on-premise and cloud-based solution for connecting corporate ERP systems to financial institutions and suppliers for accounts payable payment processing. Regal Software's technologies make it effortless for corporations to add a corporate payment solution for virtual card, ACH, wire and check to their portfolio.

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