Regal Software Introduces RegalPay, a Bank-Branded Automated Payables Solution for Corporate Customers

Regal Software's new AP integration solution enables banks and issuers to instantly offer a corporate virtual card program for its corporate customers.

 Regal Software, a leader in the corporate electronics payment technology industry, has announced the launch of RegalPay, a cloud-based, ERP-integrate solution for B2B payments. The software provides regional and community banks, as well as financial institutions, with access to a white-labeled platform for their corporate customers to automate their accounts payable function. It also allows financial institutions to offer white-labeled integrated payables solutions to their corporate customers. Recently, Regal Software partnered with Master Card so it can also accept virtual cards for corporate payments.

RegalPay acts as an ePayables “engine” that takes payment transactions from accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and with the click of a button transmits them to banks. Then, it performs a daily download of settlement files and compares that information to said systems to display a daily cash position.

Unlike solutions on the market today that only offer a handful of ERP integrations and require a manual intervention to complete a payment, RegalPay offers a bank-branded platform that connects directly to their corporate customers' ERP system.

"With RegalPay, there is no feeling of being ‘locked in’ like there is with other software," said Ed Wertzberger, VP of Delivery Solutions at Regal Software. “It works with any bank and can manage all of the vendor information, payment types, and configuration required to interface with your bank’s payment processing software without any modifications to your system.”

Finance and accounting professionals can easily use RegalPay right from their workstations. With features such as quick, low-impact implementation, easy push-button operation, and automated transaction validation and file transfer, RegalPay simplifies the payments process while allowing users to retain full control of the process.

“Stable, secure, and easy. This is the experience that we want for RegalPay users as they navigate the platform to simplify their payment processes,” said Wertzberger.

RegalPay is a proven solution coming from a dedicated and stable company. Regal Software is leading financial institutions to provide their customers with easy-to-use, off-the-shelf solutions for bank payment processing integration. With over 1,200 locations currently using RegalPay® and with billions of dollars in transactions having already been recorded through the platform, the Regal Software team has a proven track record of success with its existing clients.

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Regal Software is a FinTech provider in the corporate electronic payments industry. Regal offers the most robust on-premise and cloud-based solution for connecting corporate ERP systems to financial institutions and suppliers for accounts payable payment processing. Regal Software's technologies make it effortless for banks to add a corporate payment solution to their portfolio. 

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