Redwood Green Corp. Announces Three Additions to Executive Team

Executives from Newport LLC, Philip Morris and Luxottica Join Cannabinoid Company

 ​Redwood Green Corp. (OTC: RDGC) announced today three additions to its executive leadership team. Effective immediately, the following will join Michael Saxon, Chief Executive Officer, and Blair Mullin, Chief Financial Officer, on Redwood Green’s leadership team:

  • Susan Kearney, Interim Chief Growth Officer
  • Patricia Kovacevic, General Counsel and Head of External Affairs  
  • John Haugh, Interim President of Good Meds

In addition to serving as Redwood Green’s Interim Chief Growth Officer, Susan Kearney is a Partner with Newport, LLC. “Susan’s experience accelerating growth with emerging companies is significant,” said Michael Saxon, CEO of Redwood Green. “We are very lucky to have her on board as our Interim Chief Growth Officer,” he continued. Newport, LLC also serves as M&A advisors for Redwood Green.

Patricia Kovacevic joins Redwood Green as General Counsel and Head of External Affairs after serving in leading senior legal and regulatory positions with FDA-regulated multinationals, including Philip Morris International and Lorillard, as well as partner roles with large law firms. “Patricia’s experience checked the box in every area we were looking for and more,” said Saxon. “I cannot think of a better person for this role and am grateful she is part of the Redwood Green team.”

John Haugh joins as Interim President of Good Meds, a subsidiary of Redwood Green. He brings experience in licensing, retail, travel, entertainment and packaged goods industries to Good Meds.

“Iconix, Aeropostale and Luxottica – these are just a few of the brands John has helped elevate,” said Saxon. “I look forward to the day Good Meds has similar name recognition.”

In addition to the executive leadership team, Leslie Griles joins overseeing Public Relations and Communications.  

Redwood Green Corp will host a virtual Investor Day on Tuesday, April 21, at 4 p.m. ET. To join the webinar, please register here.

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About Redwood Green Corp.

Redwood Green delivers high-quality, safe, sustainable, innovative and accessible marijuana- and hemp-derived products that support individual well-being. Safety and high quality are critical commitments from Redwood Green, both for our own brands as well as the partners with whom we do business. The drive behind what we do is rooted in improving well-being and quality of life for a wide range of audiences, ensuring we grow and improve upon what is currently available for consumers in the cannabinoids market. The company is publicly traded, listed on OTC Markets under the trading symbol RDGC.

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About Redwood Green Corp.

Redwood Green Corp. delivers high-quality, safe, sustainable, innovative and accessible marijuana- and hemp-derived products that support individual well-being.

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