Redefine the 2024 Hat Trend With HTVRONT Latest Hat Heat Press

The vibrant innovation brand is about to put its newest member in the intelligent machine portfolio, the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press, on a shelf on 20th February 2024.

HTVRONT, the well-known handicraft industry player developing premium and advanced machines and materials, will announce the debut of its latest smart heat press machine, the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press, on the market on 20th February 2024. Among the vanguard techniques the heat press machines perform, the exclusive structure design for space saving and convenience and NTC technology improving heat efficiency, notably the straightforward display screen and flexible heat settings, allow users to craft diverse hat styles out of seconds.

As HTVRONT’s first-generation hat heat press, this machine stands for the boundless creative inspiration and high quality under great value HTVRONT has been striving for. Equipped with a digital screen displaying the real-time heating temperature and countdown intuitively and adjustable settings, it presents precise control, management, and an unparalleled heat transfer experience during the ironing process. 

Leveraging the benefits of NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) technology and a cast aluminum heat plate, this hat heat press provides up to 200℃ (390℉) heat evenly from edge to edge, endowing craft lovers with professional results out of diverse heat transfer and sublimation materials requiring different levels of heat. Furthermore, like many other HTVRONT heat press family members, the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press features a safety-conscious auto-off function capable of shutting itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity, ensuring a greatly protected crafting environment.

“Other than the fancy technologies we adopt in the machine for an exceptional hat designing experience, we also take the external convenience and user-friendly feature into account like always. Based on our marketing and product research and analysis, this hat heat press is developed with an all-in-one storage design. It helps realize less storage space, easy portability, and homely tidiness while offering strong support for hat ironing,” said Herman, the CEO of HTVRONT.

Armed with a sturdy lid and match ironing mat, this machine also guarantees excellent suitability for the exclusive curved heat plate and various hat and cap blanks, such as structured caps and low-profile caps, providing users every chance to realize as many trendy and stylish hats as possible and set the hat trend freely.

For now, the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press has earned numerous calls for its upcoming debut in America and Australia. It’s said that the machine will be the flagship product in the 3rd HTVRONT Fans Carnival Event, giving back love and support as an excellent deal for HTVRONT customers. Industrial influencers and craft lovers, including Crafting with Delonda, commented that they genuinely look forward to being the first batch of users and seeing what HTVRONT would bring them this time.

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