HTVRONT's Ace Products Appear in Thousands of Walmart Offline Stores

HTVRONT Officially Enters Walmart’s Offline Retail Network, Bringing Its Products Into a Broader Customer Horizon

HTVRONT, the leading innovative brand in the DIY industry, officially embarks on its offline sales journey with the retail giant Walmart. With Walmart's extensive sales network, HTVRONT has streamlined the shopping experience for crafters, highlighting convenience and efficiency. This established cooperation strengthens HTVRONT's brand influence and expands its customer base worldwide.

In the past six years, HTVRONT has long gained recognition among crafters for its renowned DIY machines, materials, tools, and exceptional after-sales service. Among the vast portfolio, the HTVRONT Mini, Easy, and Auto heat presses emerge with stand-out performance and advanced functions, representing the brand's commitment to quality and user-friendliness.

The HTVRONT Auto Heat Press achieved a remarkable feat on Kickstarter, the global crowdfunding platform, by reaching its funding goal within 10 minutes. With its one-click operation intelligence and state-of-the-art heating technology, this machine earned the prestigious "Gold Award" at the 2023 French Design Awards. Alongside the enhanced security, the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press significantly elevates the user experience and redefines the perception of heat presses. 

As for the other two machines, the HTVRONT Easy and Mini heat presses are also increasingly prevailing in the market due to their outstanding heating capacities and easy-to-use operation. The Easy Heat Press includes a digital screen and four semiconductor pressure sensors to monitor the process intuitively while the Mini Heat Press goes beyond with its compact body and superior heating speed. Together, the two machines satisfy the demands of both large and small crafting projects, empowering users to create freely.      

For now, HTVRONT has accumulated millions of customers across various social media and e-commerce platforms worldwide. In addition to online business expansion, HTVRONT continues to seek the opportunity to bridge the gap between online and offline retail. 

"We are excited about the opportunity to meet with customers directly through Walmart's extensive network," Emma Peng, the Overseas Marketing Manager of HTVRONT, expressed. "This is an important step forward in our global blueprint. We will keep improving our products and services for HTVRONT followers." 

HTVRONT's entry into Walmart stores marks a significant milestone in its development history and opens a new chapter of its global market expansion strategy. To deepen this relationship, HTVRONT plans to introduce more products in offline stores in the future while continuing to uphold its principles of innovation, quality, and service.

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