Record-Breaking Q4 Sales? A Leading Custom Products Online Store Gives Their Insights


According to Tomer Nahumi, CEO of online personalized products giant, this holiday season should be yet another record-breaking season, but it largely depends on where in the world customers are purchasing from, as explained by Statista research that shows the pandemic has affected retail buying worldwide.  

After a record-setting 2020 for e-commerce sales, many e-tailers are wondering if similar or better results are to be expected for the 2021 holiday season. After all, we are still not yet living in a post-pandemic world and many consumers have become very used to buying online. Those that never purchased online before now have confidence, and even a couple of favorite brands, to buy online like never before.

In areas that still regularly have lockdowns and where life is still not "back to normal," there is still higher than normal purchasing activity.  Areas like Australia and Western Europe are still experiencing a high number of COVID cases and lockdowns enacted by their respective governments. This has led to a boom of online buying in those regions. Also in some regions of the United States like New York and California, there is evidently more online purchasing activity than normal.

But in areas without restrictive lockdowns - such as in Texas and Florida, online buying is only slightly higher than 2019 levels, and far lower than peak 2020 buying.  

Marketers from leading e-tailers should focus their marketing budgets on the areas where customers are more likely to buy online this Q4.  These are areas that will likely still have heavy restrictions come Black Friday and areas that usually have inclement weather in the winter months.  

However, due to the unpredictability in the world today, Q4 2021 can still vary widely. Supply chain problems, a tanking economy, and a clogged-up mail system all place big risks on online shopping.


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