Recently Appointed Federal Judge Humiliates Mentally Ill Inmate

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A United States District Judge displayed an inexplicable bias against a mentally ill federal inmate, Frank Amodeo. Amodeo, deemed incompetent in 2008, is currently serving a 270 month sentence for a corporation's non-payment of reported taxes.

As a part of Amodeo's mental treatment regimen, he focuses heavily on helping inmates who are illiterate to the law - a practice allowed by the Supreme Court of the United States.

An example of Amodeo's efforts is Donovan Davis Jr. After Davis was convicted by a jury, he learned from several people that a key government witness confessed to lying to the jury, and the government knew about it. Davis, not knowing what to do, was advised by his friends to talk to Amodeo.

In the course of the proceedings, the Judge took umbrage and accused the mentally ill Amodeo of manufacturing a controversy to achieve a favorable ruling for Davis. However, the confession transpired long before Davis or the witnesses met Mr. Amodeo.

The Judge's actions appear to have a purpose beyond satisfying base emotional needs. His tirade seems as if it were meant to deflect attention from the botched trial. The Judge wrote an order saying that Amodeo and Davis cooked up a scheme to get other inmates to claim they heard a confession by the co-defendant. However, that was an incorrect statement by the judge since Amodeo never crossed paths with the three witnesses. The government launched an investigation of their own and found another witness from a different jail who also heard the confession. The government reported this witness and his location but the judge “turned his head”, ignored the facts and then lied about them.

Over the last five years, Mr. Amodeo has become arguably the most prolific and successful advocate for incorrectly sentenced prisoners. He has been responsible for correcting 631 sentences saving the inmates over 1,600 years of unneeded imprisonment and saving the American taxpayers nearly $70 million.

Amodeo defends the poor, the pathetic, and the wronged for free, and he does so in the tradition of the classic American hero; outgunned, outnumbered, and without reward. One wonders why the Marine, who became a judge is not proud of the penultimate example of Adapt, Improvise and Overcome. Please visit for more information. 

U.S. v. Donovan Davis Jr. et al - Case # 6:14-00043

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Charles Rahn - Legal guardian of Frank Amodeo

Source: AQMI Foundations