Incarcerated Mentally Incompetent Prisoner Saves Taxpayers Tens of Millions of Dollars

AQMI Foundations assists inmates with their cases while they are incarcerated, as well as when they are released.

From within America's largest prison, inmate Frank L. Amodeo works to correct the sentences of thousands of incarcerated and return justice to the administration of criminal law. 

Amodeo was declared mentally incompetent by the state of Florida in 2008. Shortly thereafter he was indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office. With conflicted defense counsel, Amodeo was sentenced to a 270 month prison sentence. Unable to obtain appropriate mental health treatment prescribed by the Harvard affiliated McLean Hospital, Amodeo - like so many other prisoners suffering from mental health issues - was left to languish in prison. 

Despite Amodeo's bipolar disorder and chronic delusions, the former lawyer - with the Bureau of Prison's consent - weaned himself from the debilitating antipsychotic drugs over a 30 month period. In that time Amodeo undertook a self-study course, the equivalent of a postdoctoral degree in appellate advocacy. He learned the "high impact" style created by the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and the editor of Black's Law, Bryan Garner. 

This approach to federal criminal law, combined with Amodeo's unique intellect, has been described by an experienced federal trial attorney as "brilliant and highly effective". A former state trial judge with over 30 years of civil/criminal trial experience said of Amodeo; when lucid "despite his [mental] health issues... his skill sets are truly amazing and God given."

Amodeo assembled and trained a dozen volunteers as quasi-paralegals; and as a part of his therapy he began focusing his attention on correcting the sentences of numerous inmates serving illegal sentences. Affording hundreds of indigent inmates pro bono legal advice and service. In the five years since Amodeo started his campaign he has reduced hundreds of inmates sentences by approximately 1,600 years of unneeded imprisonment.

Ironically, the same corrected sentences have resulted in a savings of an estimated $83,000,000 (Total yearly benefits to the US government per inmate saved are: $31,000 in direct prison costs, $11,000 in indirect costs, and provided $10,000 in reduced social services cost and new tax revenue).

Like an idiot savant, Mr. Amodeo, a mentally ill inmate, has brought hope to thousands and saved American taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Amodeo is the Rainman of law.

About Frank L. Amodeo
Through AQMI Foundations, Amodeo defends the poor, the pathetic, and the wronged for free, and he does so in the tradition of the classic American hero; outgunned, outnumbered, and without reward. Please visit for more information. 

Contact Information:

Charles Rahn - Legal Guardian of Frank Amodeo

Source: AQMI Foundations