RealityBLU Launches 3D Object Builder to Allow Content Creators to Build Powerful, Interactive Experiences With 3D Objects

Perfect for Retail, Packaging, Education, and Training Applications

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RealityBLU, creator of the WorldViewAR augmented reality (AR) creation platform, is launching its 3D Object Builder, a customer-facing solution that allows content creators to build powerful interactive experiences with 3D objects for use in applications such as retail/packaging, e-commerce, and direct mail. 

3D Object Builder capitalizes on a major shift in shopping behavior toward the use of AR. According to Insider Intelligence, 13% of shoppers have used AR for shopping, rising to 25% of the 18-35-year old demographic. An additional 39% of shoppers have not used AR for shopping but are "very interested" in doing so. 

3D Object Builder makes it easy to build experiences such as: 

  • Interactive product demos
  • Character fan engagements
  • Product configurations
  • View-in-room experiences
  • Exploded diagrams

The 3D Object Builder uses 8th Wall WebAR technology, so no app is required. This opens powerful, interactive AR experiences to any user with a mobile phone. Anyone shopping in person or online can visualize and configure products in their real-life environments. 

WorldViewAR Object Builder uses absolute scale, which means users can view the objects at 100% size or pinch and zoom objects to appear the desired size. If the object is resized, the 3D Object experience will indicate the percentage of true size at which the image appears.

While AR for shopping has traditionally been limited by shoppers' distaste for downloading apps, RealityBLU's 3D Object Builder uses WebAR technology, so these experiences are browser-based. People simply scan a QR Code or click a link and enable camera permissions. 

Buttons can be added to WorldViewAR 3D Object experiences so shoppers can respond to calls to action immediately. 

"Use of AR for shopping is growing and, because of the ease of use of the WorldViewAR platform, our 3D Object Builder lowers the barrier to entry for creating these experiences," notes MJ Anderson, chief experience officer for RealityBLU. "This is a great example of how marketers and brand owners can monetize AR and use it to drive sales." 

RealityBLU's WorldViewAR workflow also gives customers access to tracking and metrics to aid in building powerful, effective marketing campaigns. Other WorldViewAR products include the Holotwin Builder, which allows marketers and brand owners to place "holographic twins" into their real-world environments, and the Portal Builder, which takes viewers to other places and times.  

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RealityBLU's WebAR platform, WorldViewAR, enables non-technical marketers and designers to create and publish augmented reality (AR) scenes that put People, Places, and Things into the Metaverse. Powered by 8th Wall technology, WorldViewAR eliminates the technical barriers to implementing and measuring AR scenes by providing marketers with an intuitive interface and workflow that allow them to attract and delight more customers. 

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