Lacrosse Legend Kyle Harrison Uses RealityBLU WorldViewAR Platform to Generate Revenue From Sponsorships, Training, and Coaching

Kyle Harrison

Kyle Harrison is one of the most accomplished and recognizable lacrosse players of all time. When he walked off the field for the final time in September 2021, everyone had the same question: What's next? His new partnership with RealityBLU, with its powerful yet easy-to-use WorldViewAR (augmented reality) platform, gives some insight. 

Harrison is a 10-time all-star and 2017 championship winner who twice played for the United States National Lacrosse Team. Today, he runs Team Eighteen, which provides premium training and playing opportunities for up-and-coming youth lacrosse players. Other endeavors include in-person training events, motivational speaking, and brand ambassadorship for a variety of companies. 

But even for an elite athlete, breaking into today's youth marketplace is no easy task. How do you grab the attention of young players when the "latest thing" is as fleeting as a SnapChat story? The answer is augmented reality. Using RealityBLU holotwins, portals, and 3D objects, Harrison can create experiences for youth athletes, whether at home, in school, or on the field, that are the next best thing to being there. 

WorldViewAR experiences are web-based, so no app is required. Players scan a QR Code or click a link. 

RealityBLU places these experiences into three categories—People, Places, and Things: 

People: With RealityBLU's Holotwin Builder, Kyle is able to "place" himself in players' environments and speak to them directly through a holographic twin. Using holotwins, Harrison has launched a new virtual training series. 

Places: With RealityBLU's Portal Builder, players place a portal or doorway in their environments and can walk into one of the Team Eighteen lacrosse fields as if they were actually there. They can even join a Team Eighteen game in progress, thanks to 360º video. 

Things: 3D objects created through the WorldViewAR platform support and enhance Harrison's sponsorships of products, including next-gen gear and carefully curated health and wellness products. Viewers can rotate, zoom in and out, and interact with those products as if they were holding them in their hands. 

"We are really excited about this partnership with RealityBLU because we see this as a platform that integrates with all of our different lines of business," says Harrison. "We love the ease of use, and we're learning so much from the RealityBLU team. We're just getting starting in understanding what AR can do." 

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