RealConnex Partnership With REDinNYC Accelerates Networking Opportunities Through Premier Events

Following a yearlong series of premier networking events, RealConnex, the largest social media platform for modern real estate professionals, is pleased to announce the continuation of their partnership with Real Estate Developers in New York City (REDinNYC), bringing the RealConnex online community to life through entertaining and educational events. On the verge of another event-packed year, interested CRE professionals can find schedules here and view updates by following RealConnex’s twitter.

High-Profile Events, Always Meaningful Relationships

RealConnex and REDinNYC have already connected key players in the industry by partnering to host networking events throughout this year, such as this month’s Art Basel Investor’s Forum at the Bass Museum in Miami and last month’s 1Oak Family Office Party in New York. As RealConnex has expanded over the past year, events have included everything from RealConnex CEO Roy Abram’s announcement at 1Oak of 700,000 new profiles to his talk on high-tech methods of investing in real estate.

The latest event hosted through their partnership, on Dec. 11 from 6-11 p.m. at Up & Down NYC, featured live band entertainment in an upstairs lounge with CRE stars, while downstairs, DJ Eren put on a show for the networking real estate professionals.

RealConnex makes forming digital relationships simple, and working with REDinNYC helps professionals translate their online networking to meaningful, in-person interactions. Known as the LinkedIn meets for the CRE world, RealConnex’s custom pairing tools ensure compatible online meetings that are sure to translate into organic, natural live interactions that form long-lasting partnerships.

About RealConnex                                                                                                                                    

RealConnex is the world’s first Accelerator connecting real estate professionals to capital, investments, services and each other. The RealConnex platform is known for its unique ability to provide professionals with the necessary tools needed to network, build profile, credibility and influence; tools to buy, sell and lease, prospect and connect to opportunities. It is professional real estate in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes referred to as LinkedIn meets for the professional real estate industry, RealConnex was founded in 2013 by Roy Abrams, a 25-year veteran of the real estate and technology industries. To sign up and participate in the real estate industry’s most comprehensive networking and business development platform, click  

About REDinNYC

REDinNYC is a business dedicated to introducing, supporting and promoting individuals and businesses involved in real estate projects throughout New York, across the country and internationally. Their main focus is to inspire confidence in entrepreneurs to reach their full potential, help businesses overcome daily challenges and provide the best networking experiences for those with a real estate passion. For more information, please visit

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