RealConnex Helps Users Realize Greater IRR by Inking Partnership With Invizen IT Platform

RealConnex, the largest networking and business development platform for the CRE industry, is pleased to announce a partnership with Invizen IT, a real-time CRE analytics platform, which supplements RealConnex’s array of deal-making tools by introducing asset protection, underwriting, land value analysis and feasibility reporting so users can connect to capital, investment and other services faster than ever before.

Aiding in Investment Progress

The arrangement’s added capability means users can verify CRE deals and aid in the progress of investments with Invizen IT’s real-time reporting methods that leverage vast amounts of currently underutilized data. These reporting methods include Real-Time Underwriting (RTU), which enables quick go or no-go decisions as well as detailed underwriting reviews, and Real-Time Status (RTS), an asset protection program that tackles unforeseen issues before they impact business.

RTU drastically reduces loss-risk, maturity and technical default risk, adding confidence to the decision-making process and saving users more time, money and energy. RTS safeguards investments through constant risk monitoring, but also ensures users stay informed in an ever-evolving market.

Added Efficiency to Accelerate Deals

Each of these products shortens the process from initial buying decision to the closing table and extends protection throughout the life of an investment. Because Invizen’s programs provide the most current data and analytics, RealConnex users have peace of mind and security.

“Our partnership with Invizen IT further augments RealConnex’s suite of efficient deal-making services,” said RealConnex CEO Roy Abrams. “By enhancing our members’ underwriting capabilities with Invizen, users can find trustworthy business opportunities faster and cheaper with mitigated risk.”

About RealConnex

RealConnex is the world’s first Accelerator connecting real estate professionals to capital, investments, services and each other. It provides all the tools professionals need to network, build profile, credibility & influence; tools to buy, sell & lease, prospect and connect to opportunities. It’s professional real estate in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Sometimes referred to as LinkedIn meets for professional real estate, the company was founded in 2013 by Roy Abrams, a 25-year veteran of the real estate and technology industries. To sign up and participate in the real estate industry’s most comprehensive networking and business development platform, click: Visit RealConnex

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