Ready Computing Receives TRM Approval by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for Wellbase IT Monitoring and Support Solution

The inclusion of Wellbase ® in the VA's Technical Reference Model adds options for fully managed, cloud-based IT Monitoring and support team coordination, to support further the VA's mission to improve Veteran care.

Ready Computing, a leader in healthcare IT services and solutions, is pleased to announce that Wellbase, a solution for managing complex IT infrastructure, data transactions, and applications, has been accepted into the VA's Technical Reference Model (TRM).

The VA Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the blueprint for implementing and sustaining IT solutions within the VA. The TRM is a key component within the overall EA that serves as a technology roadmap for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and includes the list of standard and accepted products that may use to support VA business operations, capabilities, systems, and services.

Wellbase is a fully managed, cloud-based solution designed to monitor mission-critical healthcare solutions and enable support response teams to take action on detected anomalies within those solutions.

Wellbase Monitoring is a customizable monitoring platform that allows support teams to access metrics through a single dashboard. Wellbase Monitoring enables Ready Computing personnel to log, track, monitor, and proactively respond to and report application and system issues, which allow for faster root-cause analysis and issue resolution.

Wellbase Coordinator is a data management and support solution designed for businesses to improve team responsiveness and efficiency through automated and prioritized alerts.

"Wellbase Coordinator has allowed our staff to be able to address Wellbase Monitoring alerts more efficiently by utilizing the Wellbase Coordinator workflows. Even less experienced staff can participate just as effectively as a senior staff member by following the vetted resolution workflows presented when investigating, identifying, and resolving complex IT platform issues," said Chad Root, Vice President of Operations and Managed Services, Ready Computing.

The Wellbase solution can either deploy as an on-premises or as a cloud-based solution. IT teams can access the tools through a web app on both desktop and mobile platforms, and it does not require an installable application on client devices.

Wellbase joins Ready Computing's offering, Channels™, in gaining listing approval on the VA's Technical Reference Model. 

Channels is a powerful clinical program management solution that combines clinical protocols and real-time data to drive coordinated, timely, and meaningful action. Channels can manage clinical programs, such as suicide prevention, fall risk management, diabetes management, and more. COVID-19 response is another such program, which is the context in which the VA evaluated Channels and accepted it into the TRM.

As the lead organization for the implementation of the VA's Veterans Data Integration and Federation (VDIF) platform, Ready Computing has a unique understanding of the VA's clinical data infrastructure, challenges, and opportunities.    

"We are thankful to the VA for making Wellbase and Channels a part of their Technical Reference Model," said Michael LaRocca, Founder, and CEO of Ready Computing. "Being part of the TRM is a critical first step in utilizing these solutions in our ever-present mission to assist Veterans and improve their wellbeing."

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For more information, visit or view this brief video of how Channels supports COVID-19 screening and management programs:

To learn more about Wellbase, please navigate the following link:

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