ReachOut Technology Remains Bullish on Infrastructure and Cybersecurity; Seeks to Acquire 75 Managed IT Service Providers in 2021

In recent months, it seems that nearly everyone knows someone or has personally been victim to the growing number of data breaches across big tech, international retailers, and all levels of government. 

According to Pew Research, 64 percent of Americans have an online account involving health, financial or other sensitive data and nearly two-thirds of those have experienced some form of data theft. At a broader level, roughly half (49%) of all Americans feel their personal information is less secure than it was five years ago and a full 70% of Americans expect that the U.S. will experience a significant cyberattack on its public infrastructure in the next five years.1

As businesses and governments seek to secure their data so they do not fall victim to this growing trend, ReachOut Technology Co has emerged as a dual local-and-national solution for businesses of all sizes operating in the U.S. 

National companies with local brick-and-mortar locations rely on ReachOut Technology Co  to provide services for their online, on-site, and national headquarters, and appreciate the convenience of a company flexible enough to handle the systems from top to bottom. Additionally, other cybersecurity and IT firms white label their services for clients across the world.

In recent years, ReachOut Technology has quietly been acquiring local Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and private security companies across the U.S. Founder and CEO Rick Jordan has committed to a goal of actively acquiring 75 in the next 24 months. Jordan has plans to take the company public in 2021, creating even more opportunities for small to midsized companies to thrive under the ReachOut Technology umbrella.

A pioneer in the IT space, Jordan's focus is to be even more agile and stay ahead of new threats while cementing its leadership position in the cybersecurity industry.

"We determined this premium opportunity and partnership, including all-cash offers, would create immediate and certain value for business owners and shareholders, and help us achieve our operational and market ambitions more quickly for the benefit of our customers," says Jordan.

ReachOut Technology Co continues to actively review all submissions from companies seeking to be acquired. To submit a proposal or open a dialogue, contact Ashley Kedra below.

Rick Jordan hosts a weekly podcast called All In, available on all podcast streaming platforms. Contact Ashley Kedra below or complete the intake form for appearance requests.

Jordan is available for live and virtual interviews. 


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About Rick Jordan

Rick Jordan enjoys a healthy mix of adventure, risk, and opportunity. A Chicago native, Rick founded his company ReachOut Technology to solve a problem for small to midsized Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that are too small to scale or have capped in their markets. 


Source: ReachOut Technology