Bestselling Author and Mergers and Acquisitions Magnate Brings People Together After COVID 'Lockdown' in Unauthorised Banksy UK Exhibit

The Art of Banksy

Jeremy Harbour is partnering with and financing one of the most anticipated events of the summer. As the pandemic shows signs of regression across the UK, events and venues are reopening. The Art of Banksy is an exhibition produced to help society reconnect over art.

"The Art of Banksy" is one of the largest private collections of Banksy art ever displayed simultaneously. The exhibition has been curated for socially distanced patrons and families to enjoy in Covent Gardens, and is open now through to November.

"'The Art of Banksy' will hold some 40 pieces of original Banksy works. I hope that by making the exhibit accessible, people will have the opportunity to reconnect after more than a year of separation," says Harbour, the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Go Do Deals.

Like Banksy, Harbour has amassed a worldwide following for doing things his own way. However, his followers don't come from his coordination of large-scale public art installations. Harbour is renowned for buying and selling companies, as well as helping entrepreneurs create wealth to become catalysts for change in society.

"Capitalism has done a great job of bringing most of the world out of poverty, but it has not worked for everyone and can be made to work better without tearing up all the progress made to date," says Harbour.

His upcoming book Democratizing Wealth: A Pragmatic Alternative to Murdering the Rich aims to "bring Wall Street and Main Street together" by showing where all the money in the world is trapped and how we can use the current system to unlock said money and bring it into our communities.

Democratizing Wealth is set to release later in 2021, near the conclusion of the UK exhibit. Limited editions of Harbour's new manuscript will be available in a pre-release form at the event.

Banksy and Harbour have no direct affiliation and, like many of the artist's installations, "The Art of Banksy" exhibit is completely unauthorised.

Tickets for the event are available for purchase now. Limited quantities remain. Tickets from £21.50.


  • The world's largest Banksy collection, featuring 60 original works such as the iconic "Balloon Girl" piece
  • Limited-time exhibition — when it ends, the artwork will return to 40 different art collectors around the world
  • Visited by over 750,000 people in Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto, Miami, Gothenburg and Sydney
  • Housed in a vast warehouse space in the heart of Covent Garden, formerly the iconic Belgian eatery BELGO
  • Fully immersive and socially distant experience

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About Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy Harbour is an investor, entrepreneur and advisor known for M&A advisory and the creation of the agglomeration model. He is the founder and owner of The Harbour Club, a company that helps entrepreneurs buy and sell businesses, and Unity Group, a private equity firm.

Source: Jeremy Harbour