RDS-Tools Reveals Server Genius 2.1 New Editions and Prices

RDS-Tools is pleased to announce a new pricing strategy forServer Genius, its powerful monitoring and reporting tool for RDS Servers. The strategy serves to make this very convenient tool affordable to everybody. Consequently, the latest 2.1 version released earlier this month is now available in 4 different editions.

Server Genius monitors RDS Servers and gives Real-Time alerts

Server Genius is the new powerful tool used to monitor RDS Servers at all times and provide accurate reports about applications and data usage. With this application, Administrators can easily manage their servers’ environment from one single place and prevent any upcoming issues.

Server Genius gives users facts and data about their server’s usage (CPU, Memory, I/O, and Disks), applications usage and users’ behavior on Remote Desktop Services. It gathers all useful and important stats and compiles them into optimized analytics and graphs.

The tool then sends these reports to Administrators in real-time using emails or pop-up notifications for the quickest responsiveness.

The Server Genius Web interface is simple and intuitive. It gives a complete overview of the server’s activity accessible even from tablets and smartphone.

Server Genius Now Available in Essentials Edition

Two weeks ago, RDS-Tools announced the official release of a brand-new version: Server Genius 2.1. This new version enables the monitoring of multiple servers from one interface.

With this new release, RDS-Tools intends to change their pricing by offering various package options depending on the number of servers monitored:

  • Server Genius Essentials Edition at 89$ for one server.
  • Server Genius Startup Edition at 295$ for up to 5 Servers.
  • Server Genius Business Edition at 490$ for up to 10 Servers.
  • Server Genius Ultimate Edition at 975$ for up to 25 Servers.

Further Developments to Expect in 2018...

With the 2.1 Release, Server Genius back office has been entirely reviewed to enable fast and frequent updates with more functionality.

The next releases will even bring great enhancements. For instance, the ability to monitor multiple Servers will soon be extended to the Web Servers. Thus, a Business Edition will allow the monitoring of 10 servers or 10 websites. This means that all customers already using the 2.1 version will receive automatic updates to help them benefit from this new feature for free.

So stay connected for the next release!

To know more about Server Genius 2.1 Updated Version, read RDS-Tools Press releases treating with the topic:

Receive real-time customizable alerts in your mailbox and stay up-to-date on the status of your servers.
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Source: RDS-Tools

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