Raven Marketing Enterprises Sets Intentional Goals for 2018

Raven Marketing Enterprises team is proud of their 2017 accomplishments and are setting intentional professional goals for the coming year to keep moving forward.

​Looking back over 2017 is an exciting activity for the hardworking team from Raven Marketing Enterprises. Over the last year, the company has expanded into California and the team has taken on the challenge of navigating new territories and working on creating a new division. They are excited by both the experience and success they’ve had working in uncharted territory.

“Our team was chosen to lead this new market because we are the strongest office in the nation,” shared Pearl D., the Owner of Raven Marketing Enterprises. “We not only work hard, we work smart, so we’re able to accomplish a lot with our resources. This has made us tremendously successful in the last year and we aim to apply the same processes to our goals for next year.”

“One thing we do at Raven Marketing Enterprises is work with every new team member as they progress through the steps of business learning,” continued Pearl. “Everyone goes through these steps at their own pace, but we have pretty clear paths drawn out so we can help people see where they are and what they need to do to get where they want to go. I think that’s part of why our team is so good.”

"Our team was chosen to lead this new market because we are the strongest office in the nation,"



Raven Marketing Enterprises Uses Intentional Professional Planning Process to Set Goals for 2018

“We are currently setting our 2018 goals, both for Raven Marketing Enterprises and for each individual team member. We coach each person on an intentional professional planning process that helps them identify their goals and then break that down into concrete steps to help them progress,” said Pearl.

“One of our goals for next year is to continue building a team culture of contemporary leadership combined with a student mentality,” shared Pearl. “Building the right company culture helps us attract and retain top talent and gives them the supportive atmosphere they need to succeed. We want to encourage team members to think like leaders and take a big-picture mind-set, become good communicators, and work well together. We also want them to maintain their student mentality and enjoy professional development and learning because this will help them reach their professional goals.”

“Our team has also expressed a goal of expanding our territories on a bi-weekly basis in 2018, an ambitious objective which everyone in the office embraces. “We also want to build an office where we have skill specialists in each department, so different team members will be volunteering to fill these roles and get the professional development they need in order to become specialists.”

About Raven Marketing Enterprises: 

Raven Marketing Enterprises is a leading consulting, marketing and branding firm in Southern California. The firm’s associates are masters at innovative solutions that drive growth for our Fortune 500 clients. They extend company visibility beyond traditional marketing concepts through a customized approach. Raven Marketing Enterprises’ high-energy methods allow them to generate brand loyalty. Each campaign is based on precise messages that speak to customer needs. Team members achieve measurable results and increase profitability. Their impact is supported by core values such as ingenuity, affinity and passion. Learn more about their success by visiting ravenmarketingenterprises.com

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