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Raven Marketing Enterprises team member Phillip recently took advantage of a business travel opportunity. The firm's CEO, Pearl Denault, discussed the industry event and the resulting benefits.

"Careers in our field come with exciting opportunities for learning and growth," said Pearl D., the CEO of Raven Marketing Enterprises. "From trainings to networking functions, we have it all. The most recent was a national conference, which was held in Dallas, Texas. It's an honor to be invited to this gathering, because only the best performers in the field are eligible to attend."

Pearl explained that Philip was able to attend the conference because he very success leads the largest group of people in Raven Marketing Enterprises. In accordance with the event’s theme of stepping out of your comfort zone, Phillip fostered relationships with peers from offices all over the country. He also had the chance to meet seasoned veterans of the business, who helped him look at the big picture and see all the possibilities in the industry.

“There were presentations and learning sessions at the conference as well,” Pearl added. “Phillip’s biggest takeaways were to continue growing and developing himself while helping others do the same. What’s more, he gained insight into time management and quality recruitment while recognizing different learning styles.”

"Careers in our field come with exciting opportunities for learning and growth,"



According to Pearl, incoming team members don’t need experience to be successful in the company. With so many options for professional development, people can focus on their exclusive skill sets. They learn about everything from understanding and representing business partners to public speaking. There is no shortage of practical experience.

Raven Marketing Enterprises CEO Details the Positive Impact of Travel

“Aside from all the perks of attending industry functions, the act of travel itself offers an array of benefits,” Pearl continued. “For instance, the heightened sense of accountability that business trips require is unmistakable. Activities such as navigating unfamiliar cities and airports require sharp communication, problem solving, and decision-making skills.”

The perfect balance of work and life is a Raven Marketing Enterprises priority, so it’s fortunate that taking business trips enables the team members to have fun and relax away from the office. Pearl noted that such downtime, coupled with the experience of learning in new places, results in greater focus, morale, and motivation back in the workplace.

“These are just a few of the reasons I’m eager to invest in business trips for my colleagues,” Pearl concluded. “The payoffs in creativity and performance alone make it all worthwhile. We already have our sights set on the next exciting travel event, so stay tuned!”

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Raven Marketing Enterprises is a leading consulting, marketing and branding firm in Southern California. The firm’s associates are masters at innovative solutions that drive growth for our Fortune 500 clients. They extend company visibility beyond traditional marketing concepts through a customized approach. Raven Marketing Enterprises’ high-energy methods allow them to generate brand loyalty. Each campaign is based on precise messages that speak to customer needs. Team members achieve measurable results and increase profitability. Their impact is supported by core values such as ingenuity, affinity and passion. Learn more about their success by visiting ravenmarketingenterprises.com.

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