Rangam Consultants Presents Educational Gaming Technologies at Princeton University

Globally acknowledged for excelling in community services that go above and beyond the gamut of traditional staffing, Rangam Consultants Inc. makes a cogent case in support of diverse technological innovations that will likely define the future for today's tech-savvy youth.


​Rangam Consultants Inc., along with its wholly-owned technology subsidiary WebTeam Corporation, on Tuesday presented HEKXO and the ColorsKit system of applications at the annual Internet of Things Conference organized by the New Jersey Tech Council. Representing WebTeam and Rangam were Product Developer Jian Y. Lee and UI Designer Gerald Franklin, who were joined at the event by innovators and entrepreneurs from AT&T Labs-Research and the New Jersey Innovation Institute.

HEKXO, one of the premier products of WebTeam, is a system that brings people back from the virtual world to the physical world while retaining the advantages of both. It enhances digital learning and gaming by encouraging people to interact with their surroundings.

Technology has confined many of you to what's on your screens. You are less active and interactive with your surroundings. But we want to change that by giving you what technology and your surroundings have to offer. That's why we made HEKXO, a system that uses real objects for learning and social gaming. It bridges the digital and the real world with a scanner, tags and apps.

Gerald Franklin, Game and Interface Designer, HEKXO

“Based on Arduino, HEKXO works via NFC and Bluetooth. It employs NFC to scan programmable NFC tags. You can stick your tags on almost anything and HEKXO will find the object for you by reading the correct tag. It’s that simple,” Jian summed up.

By leveraging the hidden power of assistive technology to facilitate communication and data sharing between teachers and parents, ColorsKit establishes a consistent mode of intervention delivery to the benefit of special needs learners. The system has been built in consultation with child development specialists and subject matter experts. It integrates interactive voice, animation, picture and text prompts to simulate a game-based learning experience for students. For teachers, ColorsKit is a one-stop tool for planning and executing all the necessary components of special education. Notably, ColorsKit won the 2015 AT&T Civic App Challenge from Central Jersey.

A member of the New Jersey Tech Council, Rangam in 2014 won the American Staffing Association (ASA) Care Awards for addressing the global challenge of autism through diverse corporate social responsibility initiatives covering schools, homes and workplaces.

“We are laying out an action plan for the young generation to embrace a better life in the future,” Rangam President Hetal Parikh and VP Nish Parikh said in a joint statement as they thanked the organizers.

About Rangam Consultants Inc.

Founded in 1995, Rangam Consultants Inc. is a high-performing diverse supplier of staffing, on-boarding and payroll services. Rangam supports contingent workforce programs for Fortune 500 clients of managed service providers. The industries that Rangam serves include Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities, Hi-Tech & Information Technology, Financial & Insurance, Manufacturing & Retail, and Consumer Products & Food.

About WebTeam Corporation

Incorporated in 2005, WebTeam Corporation is leading the way technology, education and healthcare industries work toward improving people’s lives. With a strong focus on creating innovative solutions for special needs management, WebTeam develops portals, platforms, systems and tools for learning and employment. To know more about WebTeam, visit www.webteamcorp.com.

Source: Rangam Consultants Inc.


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