Rangam Consultants Inc. Redoes Corporate Website With Emphasis on Design and Call-to-Action Elements

The facelift comes following recent business growth, expansion and recognition, and with a promise to customers for better performance and efficiency.

​The Somerset, NJ-based staffing company unveiled a brand new look of its web portal that has something useful to offer to the contingent workforce and their employers, not to mention organizations that support diversity and disability inclusion.

As with most user-friendly webpages, Rangam’s new website has a sleek design and layout that is not just easy on the eye, but also offers simple navigation and call-to-action buttons to help visitors find the most relevant information in the least amount of time. The responsive design works well on both laptop or desktop computers and mobile devices. The content has also been given a partial makeover to highlight the firm’s various products and services, as well as a growing commitment to the autism community and the recognition it has brought along.

The Search Jobs feature, which is core to Rangam’s operations, has been placed prominently at the top of all pages to assist with quick lookup. Job-seeking candidates can also view and apply for the top jobs of the day with a significantly fewer number of clicks than what was required earlier.

Among other menus on the new website are the company’s social media channels, a blog section and links to subsidiary and partner organizations.

“The digital transformation of the temporary staffing industry has been truly remarkable. Today we are getting leads from our website and social media profiles. It was hard to imagine 10-15 years ago,” said Rangam President Hetal Parikh.

“We always strive to foster a collaborative business culture by including input from clients, partners and employees. The nature of our business requires that we are interactive and innovative at all times. The Rangam.com website is designed to be highly interactive and easily customizable so that we can respond to the needs of our customers and job seekers immediately. We pride ourselves on always being responsive and coming through for people. People matter the most. That’s why it was so important to provide them with a connected virtual experience that represents our values,” said Yudita Markovich, Business Development Manager who spearheaded the rebranding.

“We researched a number of factors before deciding to revamp our website. A website is a company’s mouthpiece in the digital domain and care must be taken to ensure it tells the story and delivers the right message to customers and those looking for a great job match. Brand Rangam has been growing steadily in the past few years and our goal is to strengthen that brand while continuing to provide topnotch services to our customers,” said Monra Ryan, Rangam Account Manager and a co-contributor.

About Rangam Consultants Inc.

Established in 1995, with offices in three continents, Rangam Consultants Inc. is a high-performing diverse supplier of enterprise-wide staffing, payroll and on-boarding services. Rangam is a certified MWBE that has consistently grown year-over-year and is rated by its clients as among their top service providers.

Rangam is a diverse supplier that takes pride in actively engaging a diverse workforce. The organization also invests time in growing the future of diversity by mentoring young women in STEM, the differently-abled and more. To learn more, visit Rangam.com and TheSpectrumCareers.com.

Source: Rangam Consultants Inc.


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About Rangam Consultants Inc.

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Rangam is a fully diversified staffing company with a subsidiary IT consulting company. Rangam's motto is, "your success is our success".

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