Rancho Biosciences Will Be Exhibiting at the Festival of Genomics & Biodata 2023

Rancho Biosciences, the leading Data Science Service company, will be presenting expanded Data Science Services including our LLM work and a new product, Data Crawler that allows scientists to self-serve and find data sets they are looking for easily and quickly. The Festival of Genomics conference runs October 4-5, 2023, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Rancho’s mission of saving lives through data will be on full display through case studies, impact we have had on projects, biomarker discovery and clinical trials.

Julie Bryant, CEO and Founder, said: “Our goal is to be a partner and provide value through working efficiently with data, automating wherever possible and leveraging technologies such as AI/ML/NLP/LLM to provide high quality results with value and ROI.”

Rancho Biosciences is eager to introduce our cutting-edge services and insights to the attendees and engage with peers and pioneers alike to witness firsthand how we can turn your data into a catalyst for unmatched insights.

Why Visit Rancho Biosciences at The Festival?

Expert Insights: Delve deep into the realm of different data modalities with our scientists to better understand the latest breakthroughs and applications including single cell and spatial transcriptomics.

Tailored Solutions: Discover how our domain expertise and specialized offerings can pivot your genomics research or clinical endeavors to actionable results.

Interactive Discussions: Engage in meaningful conversations and solution-driven dialogues with our team of experts, discussing challenges and crafting a roadmap where we can build knowledge bases, data portals, unique analysis tools, workflows and pipelines.

About Rancho:

Founded in 2012, Rancho Biosciences is a privately held company offering services for data curation, management and analysis for companies engaged in pharmaceutical research and development. Its clients include top 20 pharma and biotech companies, research foundations, government labs and academic groups.

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Julie Bryant

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About Rancho BioSciences, LLC

Rancho BioSciences is an international company offering Data Curation, Data Governance & Models, Bioinformatics Analysis, Workflows & Pipelines, Knowledge Mining, Target Profiles, Building Databases with content, Business Analyst services to clients in Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, Foundations, Government and Hospitals.

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