Rancho BioSciences Collaborates to Standardize UK Biobank Clinical Data for Improved Genetic Analysis

A leading global pharmaceutical company has partnered with Rancho BioSciences to address the challenge of inconsistent medical terminology within the UK Biobank, renowned for its vast collection of genetic data on over half a million individuals.

An upcoming webinar will delve into the challenges and strategies employed to harmonize the UK Biobank's Primary Care clinical dataset. The primary focus is on mapping subsets of Read codes to universally recognized disease terms like ICD and SNOMED CT.

The mission behind this extensive data curation process is to provide an all-encompassing view of medical history across the entire biobank repo. Such a holistic view will propel genetic analyses and other pertinent research. Essential to this project is the partnership with Rancho BioSciences, who bring their expertise in data stewardship, ontology creation, and data quality control to the table.

This collaboration arrives at a crucial juncture in biogenetic research, especially considering the Genetics Center's dedication to accelerating the exome sequencing of UK Biobank's 500,000 participants. For this vast data pool to truly benefit the research community, the data must be of impeccable quality, meticulously annotated, and easily accessible for deriving meaningful insights.

Rancho BioSciences' proven curation process entails thorough steps, from data stewardship to the maintenance of data alignments, ensuring the data remains consistent, relevant, and of the highest quality. The outcome will be a gold-standard resource that will be invaluable for researchers and pharmaceutical innovators worldwide.

As this ambitious endeavor progresses to its next phase, the curation pipelines can be adapted for other biobank and EHR data standardization projects, making the data readily available for subsequent analyses. This collaboration emphasizes the importance of having a standardized, cohesive dataset in propelling genetic research, facilitating the development of innovative therapeutic solutions, and broadening our grasp of human genetics.

Rancho BioSciences invites researchers, professionals, and all those intrigued by the future of genetic research to attend the webinar and delve deeper into this pioneering project.

New partners and collaborators are always welcome.

About Rancho:

Founded in 2012, Rancho BioSciences is a privately held company offering services for data curation, management and analysis for companies engaged in pharmaceutical research and development. Its clients include top 20 pharma and biotech companies, research foundations, government labs and academic groups.

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