R.T. Weatherman Foundation Spearheads Unprecedented Veteran-Led Advocacy in D.C. for Continued Ukraine Support

In a groundbreaking effort, the R.T. Weatherman Foundation, a veteran-led humanitarian aid organization, is set to lead an extraordinary delegation to Washington D.C. on January 17-18, 2024.

This advocacy mission is the first of its kind, consisting of families of American veterans who volunteered and were killed in action (KIA) in Ukraine, as well as American veterans who were wounded in action (WIA) there.

Confronting Support Challenges for Ukraine

The Foundation believes the families of fallen Americans and veterans wounded in action add a unique and critical perspective to the debate around continued support to Ukraine.

In meetings with lawmakers, families will share the reasons their loved ones chose to volunteer for the conflict in Ukraine and the acts of heroism they displayed in their final moments. They will share stories of how their children bravely sacrificed their lives for a cause they deeply believed in.

The veterans will speak about their extensive frontline experiences in Ukraine, offering 'ground truth' insights. This presents a significant opportunity to understand the situation, considering their background and honorable service during the Global War on Terror.

All believe continued support for Ukraine is vital for America. In a time when politics are increasingly polarized, the sacrifices and experiences of US veterans cut across party lines and serve as a stark reminder of our unifying values. 

This delegation is a powerful embodiment of the spirit that drives the Foundation's work. The experiences shared by these brave individuals and families will provide an unfiltered glimpse into the realities of total war, its repercussions, and why US support must not waiver. We hope their voices will serve as a catalyst for policy makers, urging them to act decisively in support of Ukraine's fight for sovereignty." - Dr. Meaghan Mobbs, President of the R.T. Weatherman Foundation

The Foundation's Mission in Ukraine

Recognized for its agile and result-oriented approach, the R.T. Weatherman Foundation plays a vital role in the Ukraine conflict. One of its primary programs is the medical evacuation of wounded soldiers to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) for specialized medical care and the dignified repatriation of fallen volunteers. This work highlights the essential role of nongovernmental organizations in conflict zones where government support is often limited.

As the "last mile convener," the Foundation continues to forges pathways between lives in peril and critical aid.

Source: R.T. Weatherman Foundation